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It’s hard for me to pass up an art gallery. They’re like magnets. I try to go on past the door but something always says “go on in” and I’m easy. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. My interest in the artwork (I get nose to nose with the stuff I like) once in a while makes the gallery owner think I’m easy pickins for a sale. This was the case a while back in a nice gallery in Colorado Springs.

There was this small painting hanging on the wall behind a display case. It was an absolute jewell and even stood out among other work on the wall by the same artist. 8×10 maybe or 9×12 but small and it was reasonably priced. I wasn’t there to buy though, I was “just  lookin” but the lady figured she had a sale.

She took it off the wall and hung it in the air just in front of my face. Even at that range the painting was  great because now I could see the brush strokes. I could see the transparent color of some of the first strokes laid on the canvas. I could clearly see the next layering and the next, and the adding of opaque strokes over the initial transparent layers. Dang, I hope this guy knows what he’s done. But I wasn’t there to buy right? I was “just lookin”. The lady yanked the piece away and put it on an easel right out in the middle of the gallery. Wow! What a piece of work!

“I can call the artist”, she said “He lives close by and he’d love to come over and answer any questions you have.”

“No, we’ve got to get back to Denver, we really don’t have time.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble………”  On and on……

After several minutes of this I’m sayin to myself “Crap!” I gotta get outta here. I was dead in the middle of a hard sell and all I wanted  was to make it out the door post haste. I really liked that little painting but I wasn’t there to buy, I WAS JUST LOOKIN!!

After signing the guest book, giving her my email, two forms of ID and promising to come back with my whole family at my earliest opportunity I got out the door. What an experience! Geez, all I wanted was to see how that fabulous little painting was put together. I did get out the door with that much. I’m lucky in that respect but I’m missing the painting and I wish I had been an easier mark. I’ll go back when I get down there again and if by chance some other art lover hasn’t taken this piece home it’ll be coming home with me.

What did I see that so impressed me? Take a look at the painting above titled “The People Who Live In The Red House”. What I learned has morphed into what you’ll see. And below take a closer look at what I loved in that small painting. I hope you see it too.

And thank you brother artist for one of the finest art lessons of my life

Lots of dark transparent color with opaques worked over the top. 
detail:  upper left corner

A closer look at brushwork.

A closer look at brushwork.

The people who live in the red house
The people who live in the red house.

Mr. Ramon Kelly

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Behind you Mr. Kelly!! Look behind you!!
Behind you Mr. Kelly!! Look behind you!!

My painting “Fields of Blue” got into the OPA Brush Strokes members newsletter. Woo Hoo!! It’s inside the circle I made right behind Mr. Kelly. Wow! Look around the wall at those other paintings. I’d say “Fields” had some pretty impressive company! And Mr. Kelly was right by it!! Hmmm, looks like he has walked RIGHT BY IT!! Awe man! Turn around Mr. Kelly, it’s right there behind you! Turn around!! Awe man!

Oh well, “Fields” is home already. I’ve made arrangements to hang it on another very nice wall at Showings Fine Art down on Santa Fe Ave here in Denver. And it’s going to hang in great company there too. The exhibit is called “Colorado Landscapes”.

Let’s see……here’s a list of folks showing in the “Colorado Landscapes” show. Dan Beck, Karon Conduff, Tim Deibler, David Harms, Doug Martin, Janet Moore, Susiehyer and yers truly. Now there’s a line up. Come see this show if you have the opportunity. It’s gonna be a good one. The Show hangs from July 31st through September 13th at 834 Santa Fe Drive, Denver.

Also… 303-623-2500.

Three of the ten or so paintings I submitted for hanging at Showings Fine Art. Come see us, we’d love to have ya.

Coni Grant and I Went Painting

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Coni concentrating on the task at hand
Coni concentrating on the task at hand

Coni Grant and I got together a while back and did some plein air painting. We were in Buena Vista, Co. to take down a show and had the time to take advantage of a nice day and some great light. The Arkansas River was running hard and we set up our easels on the rivers edge. We painted listening to the rush of the river and the occasional death screams of the rafters as they risked life and limb for no good reason. I sure didn’t envy the poor misguided souls their ups and downs, their whiplash and wet underwear. I was nice and warm away on the bank and enjoying the heck out of what I was doing. After a while I lost interest in their peril and floated away on a river of my own. It doesn’t get much better.

The paintings we worked on.