Mr. Ramon Kelly

Behind you Mr. Kelly!! Look behind you!!
Behind you Mr. Kelly!! Look behind you!!

My painting “Fields of Blue” got into the OPA Brush Strokes members newsletter. Woo Hoo!! It’s inside the circle I made right behind Mr. Kelly. Wow! Look around the wall at those other paintings. I’d say “Fields” had some pretty impressive company! And Mr. Kelly was right by it!! Hmmm, looks like he has walked RIGHT BY IT!! Awe man! Turn around Mr. Kelly, it’s right there behind you! Turn around!! Awe man!

Oh well, “Fields” is home already. I’ve made arrangements to hang it on another very nice wall at Showings Fine Art down on Santa Fe Ave here in Denver. And it’s going to hang in great company there too. The exhibit is called “Colorado Landscapes”.

Let’s see……here’s a list of folks showing in the “Colorado Landscapes” show. Dan Beck, Karon Conduff, Tim Deibler, David Harms, Doug Martin, Janet Moore, Susiehyer and yers truly. Now there’s a line up. Come see this show if you have the opportunity. It’s gonna be a good one. The Show hangs from July 31st through September 13th at 834 Santa Fe Drive, Denver.

Also… 303-623-2500.

Three of the ten or so paintings I submitted for hanging at Showings Fine Art. Come see us, we’d love to have ya.


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  1. See you in the morning my friend!

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