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The Red That Shows Through

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I was asked a few days ago about my underpainting and what I do to get those little red areas in my painting to show through. I have three progression images of a painting I did this last weekend. I have an idea what I do is similar to what my friend does but not to as great an extent.

In this piece I used Winsor Newton Bright Red thinned way down as my underpainting. I used it to block in the area of the painting I knew would be my darker values. This was a “hurry up ” painting so I chose to stop there instead of taking the time to do a more complete drawing on the canvas as I sometimes do. The darker value sienna (actually a mixture of burnt sienna and sap green) was laid on over the red using no thinner but mixed with a Gamblin medium called Neo Megilp. Neo Megilp (I can’t say it either) gives my paint a smooth “hot butter” kind of feel, makes the paint dry quicker, and leaves a nice shine even after the paint dries.

After I got the dark area of the painting laid in with the burnt sienna/sap green mix I painted in the sky and what appears to be a distant tree line. I mixed a green using ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow pale and white. I warmed that mixture with a touch of cadmium orange and put in the lighter values on the near foreground trees.

My finished painting ready for auction. This last stage was just finishing the trees and brushing in the foreground and foreground rocks. The figures were painted in last. There was a gazillion people around and I stuck a couple of them in to add that last bit of interest. There is a lot of red showing through. Some of the red areas have become a nice warm brown and some of the red area showing through are the original underpainting. The warm area in the lower left and to the bottom right edge of the pine tree is mostly cadmium orange.



Geez Louise!!

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Had a great day in Estes Park. The weather held out (for the most part) and a bunch of people showed up to watch us do our thing. There were about 50 of us in all I think. The photo of me painting doesn’t do justice to the crowd.

Smee doin my thing.

Below is a photo of the piece I worked on. There was a pine tree just ahead of me the muse liked so I painted the thing and built a landscape around it. Everything worked out nicely huh?

"In the Park" oil 12x16 08/23/08

The ribbon is a nice addition don’t cha think? I heard the juror call out the first award and I wasn’t listening very closely. I was thinkng “yeah yeah that’s nice” and I visited a little more with my friend. I heard them announce another winner, this time a name I recognize, my friend Dee. “Hey that’s great, congratulations Dee”. I visit some more. Then I heard the juror announce for the third time, a winner. My name was called. I’m listening now! And I’m thinking “Oh hell yes!! Third place”!! Hmmm, When I found out what it really was you could have knocked me over. Thanks Judy.

These folks out bid everyone else for "In the Park"

These folks out bid everyone else for "In the Park".

And below is what I found when I got over to the gallery for the opening of the show.
"Cold and Clear" oil 16x20 “Cold and Clear” 16×20
What a day! A portion of second prize is a half page ad In Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. Now that’ll keep me going back. A huge thank you to the jurors.

High and Dry

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Wow! It didn’t take long to get behind with this thing. Thursday was painting along the river in town and then my friends and I went to paint up near Sprague Lake in Rocky Mtn. National Park. We were up pretty high and the sky was clear all day long. The only water I saw was in the lake.

I should have stayed in town and bought some frames because Friday was the day to turn in paintings. Big mistake to go paint on Thursday afternoon. I didn’t get frames and had to drive all the way home to Denver and buy them on Friday morning and then have everything back to the galley in Estes Park by noon. I made it but by only minutes.

this scene was behind me
this scene was behind me

This scene was behind me. I was busy painting a view down a trail with the most beautiful shadow and light patterns criss-crossing it. Messed it up totally. And that’s why the muse told me not to post it in this blog. And I always do what I’m told. Right?

Anyway, the painting is destined to be forgotten. Oh well.
The scene above, tho, isn’t. I think I can turn this into a nice studio painting this winter.

"Cold and Clear" 16x20 oil 8/21/08

This is the piece I worked on Thursday morning along the river in Estes Park. I titled it “Cold and Clear”. Leave it to me to paint the bottom of the river. It’s also one of the three painting I submitted for judging on Friday. 16×20

"Meeting Half Way" oil 16x20
Another piece I turned in to be judged. I titled it “Meeting in the Middle”. I painted this one on the first day of the painting period. 16×20
"Back Lit" 2
And the final presented to the judge was “Back Lit” #2. 10×20

Two other pieces, small in size, hung but not eligible for judging.
Saturday, opening day,  was good. Next post.

Me and my friends. Aug. 19, 2008

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I left work yesterday and went right up to Estes Park. I hooked up with my friends Coni Grant and Rick Frisbee. We drove in to Endo Valley and started painting about 5 PM.
Turned out to be a great day.
the view west from our paint site.

The view west from our paint site.

Endo Valley is my favorite place to paint when I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park. No less than a couple of dozen paintings have come out of there. I’ve been rained on, hailed on, snowed on and blown over. Nearly every day a storm of some sort blows into the valley from the west and anyone there works around it. Yesterday we watched this storm move to the north and miss us. More of that luck we discussed a few posts ago.
My friends Coni Grant and Rick Frisbee.                 

 My friends Coni and Rick


The view the muse used

The view the muse used

               12x16 oil Endo Valley
Yesterday’s Painting


Another of my friends is flying in tomorrow. Peg comes every year to see the plein air show in Estes Park and watch the artists work. Peg is a poet. I’m including in this post a short poem she had written after her trip here last year.                     

Along the River Walk, Estes Park, Colorado

A coverlet of chartreuse moss creeps

over rocks and roots along the rivers edge. 

Moving light changes the hues of green

to focus on star points touching the water.

Leafless corkscrew willow branches

curl above the walkway, looking

to latch onto something besides air.

Peggy Hill

See a link to her web-site at the top of this post.




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Lookin west this afternoon.

Lookin west this afternoon.

                                                                                        Now this is an improvment! How could anyone be less than happy with today? 70 degrees, a little breeze and all that nasty ole rain is somewhere east of here.
I ended up here today. It’s a little bit of open space about a mile west of the junction of hiways 72 and 93. Besides doing a small piece for the plein air competition I took several photographs for future reference. Maybe something I can use this winter when it’s cold. Nice huh?
Fall is already on the way.

Fall is already on the way.And here is a small reminder of things to come. It won't be long until all this wonderful summer has come to an end and I'll find myself with a different pallette. I really dig painting the fall colors. I usually make a trip into the mountains to paint aspen and I'll probably do several paintings of the colors down here on the plains. A big ole cotton wood in full color is a sight to behold. It's hard to pass one by.

Todays little painting.

Todays little painting.

Yesterdays Soggy Saga

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 I brought home a nice little piece yesterday in spite of the rain.  This photo was taken at Red Rocks Park at about 10:00AM

Beautiful but doesn't lend it'self to my cause.

Beautiful but doesn't lend itself to my cause. 🙂

I went over to Van Biber Park mid afternoon and found enough protection to paint for a while. I shivered a lot of the paint onto the canvas below but it was worth it. Was still a lot of fun. I’m hoping to get up to Estes this afternoon and paint with my friend Rick. It rains up there on a good day though so we’ll all have to cross our fingers.

Van Biber parkEldon
Van Biber park

Rain!!! Arghhhhh…..

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Wish you were here!



"Another hot Day Comin"

Here’s a little piece for the fun of it. It has nothing to do with the current theme but I like it and thought you all might like it too. It’s a piece I’m giving to my friend for a benefit auction. Title is “Another Hot Day Comin”. Wishful thinkin considering it never got out of the 50’s today. August?