Day Two-So Far So Good 08/11/08

30 A.M. on the wildlife reserve.

18x24 6:30 A.M. on the wildlife reserve.

(above) This is one of my favorite places to paint. When I need something and I can’t go too far I can always find something here. It’s the smallest wildlife reserve in the nation with only 72 acres and it’s just two miles from home. There are lots of trails and I always find a bunch of folks taking their daily walk while I’m over there. Slowly but surely I’m getting to know some of them so I’m doing more and more visiting when I paint. I guess they think I’ve become part of the scenery. That’s a good thing, right?

12x16 in the P.M. Near hiway 93.

12x16 in the P.M. Near Highway 93.

And this place was deserted. And hot.


5 Responses to “Day Two-So Far So Good 08/11/08”

  1. so far so good. I love them both, Eldon. Keep me posted on your blog. I am anxious to see them in person in another week or two. What fun. 🙂

  2. Rick Frisbie Says:

    Hi Eldon, I am enjoying your paintings, photos and comments…and trying to pick up some pointers. See you in Estes. My cell phone # 785 -577 1227. am staying at the Manor RV camp. If you ever have the time/inclination I would enjoy painting with you some morning/afternoon/night. Rick Frisbie/Kansas

  3. Hi Eldon,

    Your paintings look great. I like your warm colors. Hope the weather cooperates. Good luck!

  4. You are a wonderful painter. You don’t seem to have a bio on your blog —
    it would be good to know more about you and your work.


  5. Sorry for my earlier comment– I found your “about me”, and followed the links to your website and blog. I see that you’d rather show than tell, and I get it.
    Your work does speak for itself, and it’s amazing.


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