Now that’s what I’m talkin about! 08/13/08

12x16 oil 08/13/08

12x16 oil 08/13/08

I know most of us will swear we’re here doing the Estes Park Plein Air just to have fun and paint.  Well……      I am.

But if we were all like being totally honest we’d be admitting that some sort of lil ole award hanging on our painting when the show opens would sure be nice. I hear it keeps you coming back. And it keeps you painting and working harder. Of course getting skunked does that for me as well and I get skunked on a regular basis. Either way I guess is OK.

I went out to this spot yesterday and came home with nothing. I have an idea I was distracted.

I’m fifty six years old and in fifty six years I’ve never seen a sky as beautiful as it was late yesterday afternoon. The sky was brilliant blue. The clouds were tall, back lit and rimmed in silver. Rays of sunlight spilling through brought to mind those pictures I saw in Sunday School when I was a kid. I’d have not been a bit surprised had the clouds parted and the man himself, with a ra-cha cha cha, came dancing through. Where was my camera? At home. The best I can do now is try to remember it.   Doh!!!


6 Responses to “Now that’s what I’m talkin about! 08/13/08”

  1. Oh Eldon, it is such a pleasure to see what you can do with your brush. I love all that you do. Look forward to the Riverwalk sessions and the Plein Aire contest and all. What fun and such a joy to watch.

  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    Those goodebumps and adrenilin rush from a too perfect moment are better than any treadmill. Enjoy! Vicki

  3. Eldon, what wonderful writing! That must have been some sky!

    I don’t think I could pick a sky that was my favorite. The great
    thing about your attitude is that today or tomorrow might produce
    an even better sky than you’ve ever seen. I also loved
    your comment about wanting to win an award. But as a
    friend of mine who visits all the top galleries in California says,
    success in painting isn’t about awards. You already have all the
    success in painting you’ll ever need, because you are a fine


  4. Thanks Barbara, I’m happy you are liking my stuff.
    The photos on your site have made me want to go dig out the old photo albums.

    Rainy days and old photos. Hmmmm…

  5. Hi Eldon, I am enjoying your blog and demonstration. I love the roads that both you and Vicki painted. The shadow and light play nicely. I have just launched a website. Please take a look.

  6. Cynthia! I just looked at he site. I’m impressed. I really liked the flower section. “Green Shutters”. wow!!

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