Yesterdays Soggy Saga

 I brought home a nice little piece yesterday in spite of the rain.  This photo was taken at Red Rocks Park at about 10:00AM

Beautiful but doesn't lend it'self to my cause.

Beautiful but doesn't lend itself to my cause. 🙂

I went over to Van Biber Park mid afternoon and found enough protection to paint for a while. I shivered a lot of the paint onto the canvas below but it was worth it. Was still a lot of fun. I’m hoping to get up to Estes this afternoon and paint with my friend Rick. It rains up there on a good day though so we’ll all have to cross our fingers.

Van Biber parkEldon
Van Biber park

2 Responses to “Yesterdays Soggy Saga”

  1. Cindy Landsberg Says:

    My oldest daughter Sarah got married yesterday in the middle of all that rain. It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding. That didn’t happen. But it was a beautiful wedding anyway, and now I am so glad to know that you got something beautiful out of yesterday as well. I love the Van Biber park painting. Paint on! Cindy

  2. Wayne and Katie Says:

    You just keep on getting better, your work is amazing!!! Sorry I haven’t got much time to tool around my e-mail but will make a real effort in the future. Maybe I ought to get your autograph, while your’e still giving them out!!!!

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