Lookin west this afternoon.

Lookin west this afternoon.

                                                                                        Now this is an improvment! How could anyone be less than happy with today? 70 degrees, a little breeze and all that nasty ole rain is somewhere east of here.
I ended up here today. It’s a little bit of open space about a mile west of the junction of hiways 72 and 93. Besides doing a small piece for the plein air competition I took several photographs for future reference. Maybe something I can use this winter when it’s cold. Nice huh?
Fall is already on the way.

Fall is already on the way.And here is a small reminder of things to come. It won't be long until all this wonderful summer has come to an end and I'll find myself with a different pallette. I really dig painting the fall colors. I usually make a trip into the mountains to paint aspen and I'll probably do several paintings of the colors down here on the plains. A big ole cotton wood in full color is a sight to behold. It's hard to pass one by.

Todays little painting.

Todays little painting.

5 Responses to “Sunshine!!!”

  1. Wow! You already have your painting from today in your blog. You make on old, twisted tree look good!

  2. Marcy Silverstein Says:

    Congrats on the sunshine. You deserve it. nice painting

  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    I love this one! Blessed sunshine.

  4. I love today’s little painting and yesterday’s. I’m so impressed
    with how you create drama with your brushwork and
    design. Beautiful.


  5. As always it is wonderful…..I’m a bit envious of you getting to paint…I’m just trying to paiint the woodwork… Beautiful!!!!

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