Me and my friends. Aug. 19, 2008

I left work yesterday and went right up to Estes Park. I hooked up with my friends Coni Grant and Rick Frisbee. We drove in to Endo Valley and started painting about 5 PM.
Turned out to be a great day.
the view west from our paint site.

The view west from our paint site.

Endo Valley is my favorite place to paint when I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park. No less than a couple of dozen paintings have come out of there. I’ve been rained on, hailed on, snowed on and blown over. Nearly every day a storm of some sort blows into the valley from the west and anyone there works around it. Yesterday we watched this storm move to the north and miss us. More of that luck we discussed a few posts ago.
My friends Coni Grant and Rick Frisbee.                 

 My friends Coni and Rick


The view the muse used

The view the muse used

               12x16 oil Endo Valley
Yesterday’s Painting


Another of my friends is flying in tomorrow. Peg comes every year to see the plein air show in Estes Park and watch the artists work. Peg is a poet. I’m including in this post a short poem she had written after her trip here last year.                     

Along the River Walk, Estes Park, Colorado

A coverlet of chartreuse moss creeps

over rocks and roots along the rivers edge. 

Moving light changes the hues of green

to focus on star points touching the water.

Leafless corkscrew willow branches

curl above the walkway, looking

to latch onto something besides air.

Peggy Hill

See a link to her web-site at the top of this post.




4 Responses to “Me and my friends. Aug. 19, 2008”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    You were truly blessed! The gift was the painting time no matter what!

  2. A wonderful painting and nice writing. I liked the poem by your friend.

    I’m trying to figure out how you get those nice flecks of red here
    and there. In acrylic painting, you would have underpainted, but
    you can’t be doing that in oil.

    Just great.

    Keep painting and writing!


  3. Barbara, I got my wife to take some photos of the painting I did for the quick draw on Sat. I’ll post them probably on Wed. this week. They will show how the red area work. Keep smilin!!
    Saturday was the opening day and it was a good day. I’ll post that next.

  4. Eldon, it was so nice to chat with you and your amazing wife at the opening! Always great to see you. Your work in the EPPA was wonderful and was rightfully acknowledged.

    I just have to tell you that the Endo Valley is my favourite place to paint in RMNP. All seasons. And your description is very apt. I have been pummeled with snow and sleet and come close to lightning there but it is always worth it as it has produced many great pieces!
    Perhaps we’ll run into each other some day there in the valley!


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