High and Dry

Wow! It didn’t take long to get behind with this thing. Thursday was painting along the river in town and then my friends and I went to paint up near Sprague Lake in Rocky Mtn. National Park. We were up pretty high and the sky was clear all day long. The only water I saw was in the lake.

I should have stayed in town and bought some frames because Friday was the day to turn in paintings. Big mistake to go paint on Thursday afternoon. I didn’t get frames and had to drive all the way home to Denver and buy them on Friday morning and then have everything back to the galley in Estes Park by noon. I made it but by only minutes.

this scene was behind me
this scene was behind me

This scene was behind me. I was busy painting a view down a trail with the most beautiful shadow and light patterns criss-crossing it. Messed it up totally. And that’s why the muse told me not to post it in this blog. And I always do what I’m told. Right?

Anyway, the painting is destined to be forgotten. Oh well.
The scene above, tho, isn’t. I think I can turn this into a nice studio painting this winter.

"Cold and Clear" 16x20 oil 8/21/08

This is the piece I worked on Thursday morning along the river in Estes Park. I titled it “Cold and Clear”. Leave it to me to paint the bottom of the river. It’s also one of the three painting I submitted for judging on Friday. 16×20

"Meeting Half Way" oil 16x20
Another piece I turned in to be judged. I titled it “Meeting in the Middle”. I painted this one on the first day of the painting period. 16×20
"Back Lit" 2
And the final presented to the judge was “Back Lit” #2. 10×20

Two other pieces, small in size, hung but not eligible for judging.
Saturday, opening day,  was good. Next post.

One Response to “High and Dry”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Can’t wait for the Saturday update. The Quick Draw is your element!

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