Geez Louise!!

Had a great day in Estes Park. The weather held out (for the most part) and a bunch of people showed up to watch us do our thing. There were about 50 of us in all I think. The photo of me painting doesn’t do justice to the crowd.

Smee doin my thing.

Below is a photo of the piece I worked on. There was a pine tree just ahead of me the muse liked so I painted the thing and built a landscape around it. Everything worked out nicely huh?

"In the Park" oil 12x16 08/23/08

The ribbon is a nice addition don’t cha think? I heard the juror call out the first award and I wasn’t listening very closely. I was thinkng “yeah yeah that’s nice” and I visited a little more with my friend. I heard them announce another winner, this time a name I recognize, my friend Dee. “Hey that’s great, congratulations Dee”. I visit some more. Then I heard the juror announce for the third time, a winner. My name was called. I’m listening now! And I’m thinking “Oh hell yes!! Third place”!! Hmmm, When I found out what it really was you could have knocked me over. Thanks Judy.

These folks out bid everyone else for "In the Park"

These folks out bid everyone else for "In the Park".

And below is what I found when I got over to the gallery for the opening of the show.
"Cold and Clear" oil 16x20 “Cold and Clear” 16×20
What a day! A portion of second prize is a half page ad In Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. Now that’ll keep me going back. A huge thank you to the jurors.

8 Responses to “Geez Louise!!”

  1. I’m not a bit surprised Eldon. Congratulations. In my books your works
    win first prize no matter what the judges say. Just terrific paintings.


  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    Congratulations! The judges have great taste and your muse must be right on track.

  3. Eldon, you earned that award. It was fun watching you paint.
    You deserved both awards at the Estes Park Plein Air.

  4. Nancy Harrington Says:

    A FIRST and a SECOND what happened to third? They are fabulous!!!! I love ‘Cold and Clear’….Hope you are some what humble to lthe rest of the starving artists….I’m so happy for you…I know a famious artist…

  5. Thanks you guys. I’m happy you like the stuff I did the last couple of weeks. I always look forward to doing the Estes Park show and I’m totally glad when it’s over. Ahm tard. 🙂

  6. Terri Crowe-Daughter Says:

    Dad-I have always known how great you are. It is awesome watching you and the rest of the world realize it too! I love you and am very proud of you!! Terri

  7. Hello Eldon and thank you for your great comment…I am glad you enjoyed my work. Speak of coincidences…I came here to take a peak at your work….Which is fantastic…and what do I see? You are in Estes Park!!! I am on my way there tomorrow! To attend the Richard Schmid Auction in Bellvue…visit a fellow artist and friend, Jeff Legg, in Estes…and camp and paint in the Rocky Mountain National Park! I have considered several times entering the paint out up there…but haven’t gotten around to it yet! Your work is stunning and congrats on your win…very well deserved!

  8. Rick Frisbie Says:

    Eldon, Congratulations! It was great seeing you again – and painting with you was a real education for me. Thanks for your generousity, friendship and encouragement. Again….way to go! Rick

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