A long ago painting and some links

This is a water color from a long time ago. My friend in Canada asked to see it. We had a short discussion about things painted that have changed and/or disappeared. “Anna’s Place” is one of many beautiful things I’ve seen go to the developers over the years.

Anna’s parents home steaded this property and Anna still was living here in the mid 80’s. The painting is a 22×30 plein air water color done from the end of her drive way. While I was working the local sheriff stopped and, after making sure I meant Anna no harm, told me the story of Anna and how the developers were waiting for her to pass  so they could have her land. I’m sure they waited as long as she could make them wait but a year later I went back to find it gone. I’ll keep this painting.

AND……..I’ve recently added some new links to my blog. Please do yourself a favor and check out Cynthia Reid’s new website. Cynthia is an oil painter doing her work with a knife and doing some totally wonderful paintings…………….Cynthia’s web site

Also……..There is a link to my old home, Colorado Boys Ranch. I did some growing up there in the late 60’s. CBR in those days was a home for kids who were in need of a place to belong and a bit of guidance. Over the years it has grown into a complete treatment facility for troubled boys and is doing a super job of getting the boys on thier feet and back into the world. A year or so ago CBR asked me to design the cover for their new book, “The Hero Within”. I did and the book has since been published and is now on the market. If you’ve an interest I think you can get it on Amazon or you could probably contact the ranch and inquire. There is even a chapter in there about me. Chapter 5 called “Water Gravy”…………..CBR blog

My gallery, “Stone Heart”  has a new Blog too. Wild!! With lots of cool stuff showin and a movin!! ………………Stone Heart Gallery blog

Coni Grant has a bunch of new work and info on her blog as well. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. Coni has a unique view that translates beautifully to canvas. Coni Grant’s blog

And my wife Debra has given my website a new face. She’s publishing today and as soon as she’s done that  I’ll publish too. There is new work and there is old work.  I think you’ll enjoy this version of the site…………………Eldon’s new web site

All the links are above on the right as well. Have a great day!



3 Responses to “A long ago painting and some links”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Wow, what a big day you’ve had. I do enjoy the watercolor “from the old days.” We are reminded to capture places we love if not in paint at least on film as they are often gone the next time we visit.

  2. Your friend in Canada is entranced with that painting “Anna’s Place”.
    It’s just incredible. So beautiful, and so deftly painted. How
    terribly sad that the home is gone for good. I checked out your
    new web design. Nice.

    I’d also like to look into the book, as I frequently work with kids
    struggling with difficult situations.


  3. Pretty evident to me you have always been good…I love the design/pattern in the foreground and the entire piece is wonderful! The painting makes me happy and sad all at once. Sad because of what happens to the land, historic buildings and the environment in general with little thought for preservation and beauty! I guess that is why landscapes are becoming my favorite thing to paint.

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