“Brilliant is as brilliant does” my mama always said.

And here are a few of the brilliant weblogs I’ve found down the rabbit hole.

My friend Barbara (http://barbaramuir.blogspot.com) nominated my blog for this way cool award. Thank you Barbara. 🙂  I hope you all will let me slide for taking so long to post it. My blog is pretty new so I’m asking myself if I really know enough bloggers to actually nominate 7 others. My answer to that is “probably not” but I’ve seen a bunch of blogs in the last 8 weeks or so and there are some so filled with awesome art work that I’m going to nominate a few that really inspire me.

http://jmcchristian.blogspot.com   The painting “Making Our Way Across” Says so much more than “here’s 3 people crossin this bridge:. I don’t see many paintings that are as thrilling as this one. It doesn’t get any better than this, I don’t care who does it.  

 http://aaronlifferth.blogspot.com   I saw two peices on this blog that have inspired me.  Aaron with “Spout” and “Odd Couple”, has shown us all what a real brush stroke really is. Every stroke was laid down purposely and then left alone to do what Aaron intended it to do. Of course  all the paintings on Aaron’s blog demonstrate this quality of work, these two just happen to be my favorites.

http://carolmarine.blogspot.com  Carol’s work is another excellent example of quality brush work. Her style is clean and her use of color gives me big ideas about how I might make improvements in my stuff. “Yard Dog” is my favorite piece from this blog and I think “Codependent” comes in next for me. Great work, great blog.

 http://onpainting.wordpress.com   I love taking a peek into this blog once in a while. Aside from finding some really neat figure drawings I always come away with a smile on my face. Bill and Lisa find plenty to poke fun at, including themselves from time to time, and I always come away feeling better than I did when I showed up.

 http://www.pleinview.blogspot.com   This is Coni Grant’s blog. Coni is a good friend and she’s a painting buddy when we have the opportunity. I love her unique interpretation of our western landscape and her way of putting her views down with a brush. I have one of Coni’s pieces hanging near my fireplace and it is one of my prize posessions as I was lucky enough to be there when she painted it. Coni’s blog has lots of information in it and I like reading about her adventures painting plein air.

 http://tombrownfineart.blogspot.com   “Listen to This” is a wonderful lesson in the use of light not to mention the beautiful way Tom Brown works his painting magic. I strive to soften my work as much as I can without compromising shape and detail. Tom has demonstrated how someone who has mastered his medium does that.

 http://qiang-huang.blogspot.com   I saw more work and more SOLD signs in this blog than I’ve seen anywhere to date. It’s no wonder.      Qiang-Huang is a master.      Every painting is a joy to look at and every painting has a lesson of its own. What a place to study!!

Rules of participation in the Brilliante Weblog Award:

1.  Put the logo on your blog.

2.  Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3.  Nominate at least seven others.

4.  Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

5.  Participation is voluntary.

6.  Have fun.

And here is a bit of color for this post. See yall next week.



2 Responses to ““Brilliant is as brilliant does” my mama always said.”

  1. Hey man, I got your email the other night but I have been burning the candle at both ends getting ready for the opening tomorrow. We can talk over the weekend…no wait you won’t be here….next week I guess. Have fun.

    Keep smilin’, Doug

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else do this subject justice.
    A golden sunlit tree at the beginning of autumn is one of
    those visual miracles that before now nothing could
    capture adequately. And you just drop it in as a bit of
    colour. Whew! Nicely done. This is an exceptional piece.

    Thanks for the compliments. You are great.


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