This painting was done plein air last Friday near Salida Colorado. It measures 12×16 inches. The storm over the mountains was coming way fast and I knew I had to hurry so I threw it in high gear and painted like a mad man. It was one of those “don’t think, just react” paintings and I finished in 45 minutes. Thankfully I was finished before the rain reached my little dry spot  The painting came off OK to boot.

Also! Just in! Coni Grant won THIRD PRIZE !!! at the Colorado Mountain Plein Air Festival. Check out Coni’s site and see the painting she did!!  Good job my friend!

 Didn’t get to paint on Saturday but I was there to snap this photo after the rain finally stopped.

My friend and painting buddy, Doug Martin, and I went to paint on Sunday a little closer to home. This road, near Sedalia, Colorado leads to a place called Crooked Willow Farms. We painted between spots of sunshine and shivered the rest of the time. It’s hard for me to pass up an opportunity to paint a view down a road so I put up with the clouds and the wind but before the day was over I was sportin a sun burn. Weather in Colorado, go figure. Doug’s web site:   I just looked at Doug’s new and improved website. That boy’s been holdin out on me! There’s a ton of work in there I’ve never seen. Knock me over!!!




4 Responses to “Salida-Sedalia”

  1. Well sir,

    As my father used to say, you’ve done it again.

    I really love how you paint. I guess that’s all there is
    to say about it. I’m working on a little landscape done
    from my mind (scary) and when it’s done I’ll post it —
    because the blog eats art. But your paintings.
    They are just so fantastic!


  2. Thanks Barbara, I can hardly wait to see your landscape. Not scary tho, some of the nicest landscapes come from the inside.

  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    Eldon, Do I see a hint of purple in the Sedalia painting? You were on the road to the ranch I was raised on! I do love this one and hope we’ll get to paint there someday.

  4. Purple? You saw some purple? ok, guilty but it’s your fault. You let me know when you want to go paint at Crooked Willow. The folks out there said we could paint as much as we like.

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