Such a deal!!!!

oil 18×24 inches untitled
This is for the auction. We’re raising money for the ranchers in S.E. Colorado so they can fight the fight! The United States Army is trying to pull off the biggest land grab in U.S. history and the folks in S.E. Colorado are in danger of losing their lands and their way of life. There’s a bunch of us that don’t want to see that happen so as a means of raising some money for the cause we’re doing an art auction. It’s going to be held here in Denver at the Standing Sun Art Gallery, 826 Sante Fe Drive. The paintings will all be from the area the Army is looking to snag. The show will hang Dec. 4th and 5th with the 5th being the Sante Fe Art District First Friday Art Walk. Anyone interested in purchasing art work from this show can bid in the gallery or (rumor has it, more info later) on line.

Why would you want to? Well, it’s a no minimum bid arrangement. This means anyone bidding could possibly pick up some really nice work by some really talented big name artists for dirt cheap. AND….You’ll be helping out immensely. None of us know how this is going to work out but it will work out and we hope it is not in the favor of the U.S Army.

And now!!!!   Drum roll……………more from the archives!

My grandson Victor. Handsome lad yes? This pencil drawing is several years old as Vic is now 17. It’s part of a small group of whimsical images I’ve done just for myself.

I always considered this an elegant little piece of work. Simple, a bit stylized and clean. Someone wanted to put it on the refrigerator door. Geez Louise!


7 Responses to “Such a deal!!!!”

  1. Wow! That piece of SE Colorado is just beautiful.
    – Coni

  2. Thanks Coni, I’d rather paint S.E. Colorado than any where else. I think I’d like to retire down there one day. We should go paint in the area some time. I’d be cool to show you around.

  3. The painting’s majestic — mind blowing, and the sketches delightful. As for
    the “pull my finger” I live in an all male (except me, the dog, Zoey and
    cat, Fiona) household, and I’ve heard that one, one too many times.
    But the drawing is great. Besides you definitely gave fair warning.

    Great blog,


  4. Thanks Barbara, That painting is from a place I’d like to retire. It’s about 20 miles south of LaJunta and was the site of Carrica’s ranch some 30 or so years ago. The house caught fire and burned to the ground. The Carricas never rebuilt but moved into town for the rest of their years.
    Some one runs cattle in there now but I’d love to get a hold of a couple of acres of it and build. What a place to spend some quiet years huh?

  5. You crack me up! I adore the “elegant little piece of work, stylized”!
    If you and Coni go paint in that area sometime, I’d love to go too. I’ve seen some amazing paintings of the grasslands. Is that anywhere near to the area you speak of?
    I marked the December 5th opening on the calendar!

  6. Hi Leslie, thanks for the comment! Yes, the grasslands are right in there where the army is planning to do their thing. I run into the grasslands about 20 miles South of LaJunta. It’s an amazingly beautiful area full of natural wonders and wonderful people. I’d love to show it to you. Maybe we should start planning a trip.

  7. Beautiful painting Eldon…your brushwork intrigues and delights me and the colors in the foreground are superb. I hope you can realize your dream to retire their…it is a gorgeous area. It would be such a waste for it to go to the way you have described. I love the drawings…..the stylized one has such great design and the one of your grandson is delightfully elfin!! Great work!

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