Stay Tuned #3

I think the original post was getting way too long. I’ve broken it out into three parts so the scrolling can be a little easier to take. Debra says she’ll make a flash video of the entire process and put it on YouTube for us. That ought to be pretty cool.


It’s starting to come together. The left side light area is covered with a lighter variation of the color I put into the shadow area before. There is no grey of grey in this mixture and I added instead, a little Indian Yellow or Cadmium Orange to lighten it up. There’s even a little Cobalt Blue added to the area where the light is going to touch the left edge of the canvas leaving the brighter color along the edge of the path where we want the viewers eye to be traveling.


Then I struggled for a bit getting this green grassy area to look like the lighted version of the right side grass in the shadow. The main trouble was the color underneath coming up into the green I was trying to put over it. As a result what I got was a little darker than I wanted so I had to keep lightening my green mixture. Finally with enough White and Indian Yellow the light green “seemed” to work. There’s a little Sap Green in there as well mixed up with Some Indian Yellow producing a great sunlit green.  I’m not crazy yet about the way the edge between the grass and the edge of the path come together.


Some busy work really starts to finish it up. The small bushes are fleshed out and some very cool color runs through the path on the right and left sides. The cool color is just Cobalt Blue, Bright Red and White. Sometimes the mix ran warm to the red side and sometimes cool to the blue. The light spots on the path got a brand new color too. There’s some Indian Yellow in the mix and White and some Yellow Ochre. Those little spots were drying out so I had to scrape off the color already there.


And there it is except for the pink people. (still bugs Debra.) Some rocks in the pathway and some work making that light area merge with the edge of the path are about all the changes made in this stage. I’ll probably do some dry brush work later so the painting will have to spend a day or so drying out. I haven’t decided if the people will be more effective in the shade or in the light. I’m leaning toward the light. What do you guys think? Any questions? Feel free to ask. There’s just a whole bunch that happens that is hard to explain in this blog. 



6 Responses to “Stay Tuned #3”

  1. I think they are “emerging into the light” so some light and some shadow on them! They will make or break the whole piece which is looking pretty nice right now. You are inspiring me to do some more studio pieces this winter; thanks!

  2. Hi leslie, I like the idea of “Sun Light and Shadow” I’ll look at that as a tilte. Thanks for the response.

  3. Eldon,

    I’m so impressed with what you do explain. So much of what I
    do when I’m painting is unconscious. I love the colour break
    down, because it helps the rest of us.

    The whole painting process you are going through seems
    like a miracle to me.

    Super work.


  4. Hi Barbara, Knowing if one is making sense is some times hard to do. Thanks for letting me know I’m on the right track and what I’ve written has made sense. I am always encouraged by your feed back.

  5. It is all making sense and you are really pulling it together! The cooler color to variegate the path is stunning. I think the people should be either in the light with a slightly muted red or red-violet color or in the light and shadow as stated above by leldav45 with the appropriate color mixtures. I have been tending toward a tetrad color combination lately myself…..don’t know why….it just seems to happen! Really beautiful work Eldon!

  6. Theresa, thanks. I,ve gone with the idea of red, not too bright. I also have pushed the second figure back into shadow a little. You’ll see in the Wed. post. Thanks to Leslie and Theresa for their input. Everything worked out just fine. ew

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