Sunlight and Shadow

Sunshine and Shadow

Sunshine and Shadow









Alrighty then. Some yellow August flowers and a red shirt. The smaller figure I greyed some, pushing it back more into shadow and the red shirt is more in the light and comes forward. It works.  I probably won’t mess with this one any more. It needs to be in the gallery this week end so I’ve some framing to do. 

Today is Debra’s birthday so this will be short. I’ll drop in another painting and go spend the rest of the evening with her.  I thought maybe you’d like to see the piece this one is replacing.  I understand it’s on it’s way to Dallas.

The Pine Family Portrait

The Pine Family Portrait








12 Responses to “Sunlight and Shadow”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    What an accomplishment!

  2. Great work Eldon,

    Happy Birthday to Debra. You did it. I feel like we’ve been
    painting it along with you. Super painting. Thanks so much
    for the explanation all the way along.


  3. Thanks Vicki, The muse musta been around close.

  4. I will certainly tell her. I understand you have a birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday to you as well. I believe I saw it on Theresa’s blog.
    I think you were surely painting it along with me. Had I not had such an attentive group watching I wonder how it might have turned out. Painting and posting kept me on my toes.:)

  5. sharon archey Says:

    thank you so much for sending these to me. Do you have Donna’s e-mail address? It is She says she feels slighted. Guess she is just jealous. LOL I am wqaiting for another one to put in my EWW gallery. I have the one of “Dripping Slickers” and one i don’t know the name of but it is a cabin in the foothills. I just love them. My son made me some frames for them. They are neat…….Love ya knothead, from your cuz

  6. sharon archey Says:

    Hey Cuz, I love this one. Almost makes me homesick.

  7. Hey, Uncle Eldon!! I am simply mesmerized every time I see your work. It really calms me when I need a getaway. You are truly amazing.

  8. Eldon – I saw your Pine Family Portrait last Fall while on a trip to Denver. I was able to spend a little time in Boulder and came upon it at the Earthwood Gallery. Your art jumped off the wall for me, and I loved the colors and highlights in your work.

    I later returned home to Frisco, Texas (north of Dallas) and described your work to my wife. She trusted me enough that the next time I was able to get to Boulder, I hurried over to the Earthwood Gallery to see if Pine Family Portrait was still available.

    Fortunately your painting was still there, and the gallery convinced me they could ship the painting and have it arrive in one piece. We have hung it in a family room over a fireplace, and the scenery and colors add a lot of warmth to our home. Thanks for all you put into your art, and I’ll try and send you a picture of its new home.


  9. Hello Bert, What a pleasure! I so rarely get to meet or visit with the folks who buy from the galleries. I can tell you are really enjoying the Pine family. Those trees stand on the South side of Fall River just after you make the turn into Endo Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park. Every year during our plein air competition I make it a point to stop there and paint. (at least once) It’s my favorite place to paint in the park and I always take home something nice. Thanks so much for watching the blog and for leaving a comment. Thanks too for having faith in my work. I’m happy you own The Pine Family Portrait.

  10. Great work! RMNP is my favorite!

  11. Hey Aaron, great that you stopped by. I’m glad you like the painting. There are a bunch of RMNP paintings through out the blog as I paint there often and paint the plein air competition in August every year. If you have the opportunity come see us this year. The last couple of weeks in August we get together and paint and do a quick draw just before the show opens. You’d enjoy it I’m sure.

  12. If I get the chance I’ll definitely stop by!

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