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EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It!!!

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carricas_corner 18x24 oil



I received this information this evening and was going to save it for a post later on this week but I think it’s important so here is the skinny on the Pinon Canyon Art Exhibition.  If anyone is thinking of bidding on any of this art work be sure to read about the Pinon Canyon Square Inch or click on the link in the site to see how it works. It’s part of the bidding process. I and several members of my family own square inches (they don’t know it yet, it’s for Christmas). Above is one of two pieces I’ve done for the auction. It’s an18x24 inch oil on canvas. Below is the second painting for the auction. on-higbee-road 8x10 oil on canvas

 If anyone is new to my blog and is wondering what this is all about please look back a ways in my posts to “The Army Just Doesn’t Get It”. 


In the interest of wall space this piece is 8×10 inches.

This is a no minimum bid, silent auction. The site from the link above explains the on line bidding process. All the paintings up for auction will be loaded on to the site by Nov. 28.


“Carrica’s Corner” (top) is about 18 miles south of La Junta, Co. This is my name for the area so you won’t find it on the maps. The hi-way runs just to the right of this scene and across the hi-way to the west is the foundation of Carrica’s old house. The house burned down many years ago and the Carricas moved to town. They never rebuilt. I’ve often thought I’d like to build a place for me on that foundation and retire there one day.

“On Higbee Road” was painted just a few miles further on down the hi-way then South on, you guessed it, Higbee Road. Higbee Road dead ends after running along the Purgatory River for several miles. A lot of rancher/farmers live along that road. Some are long time friends of mine.

Happy bidding! and Happy Thanksgiving!!


What the alligators don’t get.

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18x24 oil on canvas

I don’t remember his exact words but Steven King in his book on writing, in answer to why he writes what he does, said it was because of the filter. He wrote that in every ones mind is this filter and certain things fall through the filter and certain things don’t. What falls through, the alligators get, and is gone. What doesn’t we have to deal with. Sounds about right.. So…according to Steven King an artist is an artist (among other things) because of the filter. In an attempt to keep the filter clean we do our creative work, what ever that might be, and we do it in a certain way and certain things influence us. Then it all comes out on a sheet of paper, or a canvas or it’s chiseled into a piece of stone or written into a poem or what ever.

It’s amazing how small these bits can be and still not get through to the alligators. One of these recent bits came from watching the stroke of a very loaded brush in one of Jeremy Lipking’s You Tube videos. It was a very small thing clogging the ole filter big time. And most recently was a “by chance” visit to artist Dan Beck’s studio open house last night. What I saw and what I learned in about an hour will change the direction of my painting , in some way, forever. Amazing, totally amazing.

And ya know what else is amazing? I,ve been tagged again. 🙂 This time by my friend Theresa Rankin. I think these folks are tryin to drag somethin outta me. I wonder what deep dark secret I can tell this time? But that’s going to be a subject for a later time. And, too, sadly I still know no more bloggers to tag than I did a few days ago. Oh well, we’ll do what we can. 🙂 Does the painter of light have a blog?

Also, I’m headin out of town for a day or so this next week so there’ll most likely be no post this Wed. Oh well, as Anna Rosanna Dana used to say, “It’s always somthin!”


The Best I’ve Ever Done.

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Below is the start of the best piece of work I’ve ever done.

18x24 oil beginning stage

At least that’s what I tell myself every time I put up a new canvas. It happens rarely but I’m constantly looking for that one painting that tells me I’ve moved on to the next level. I love my craft and getting better is what drives me to keep painting. Of course I’d paint the perfect painting if I could but since that isn’t gonna  happen I’m just gonna to do the best I can every time . I guess it would be optimal if the last painting an artist ever painted was the best he/she ever did.

And now….. It seems I’ve been tagged. 🙂

Barbara Muir did the deed and what follows is all truth but not all of the truth. We are of course what our secrets are so I’ll steer clear of darkest things. mwa ha ha ha, And with these seven bits of information I’ll let you all in on some things you don’t know about the fella on this side of the monitor. Do I hear chains rattling?

1. I’m German, or part German rather, and my German ancestors migrated to this country in the 1700’s and were part of the original group founding Germantown. Their name in “the old country” was Keuster. The spelling when they arrived here was changed to spell like Kuster and later was again changed to Custer. General George Custer is a distant uncle of my grandfather, Clarence Custer.

2. I can hold a grudge. No surprise to some of you. Mwa ha ha. 🙂


3. I spent a few years in my youth at Colorado Boys Ranch at LaJunta Colorado. A couple of really cool people recently wrote a book about things that have happened there over the years and I’ve got my own personal chapter. I did the painting for the cover.

4. I have a daughter, a son in law, and two grandsons. I wonder if they know how much I love them.

5. My middle name is Wayne.

6. Some of my favorite musical artists are, Back Door Slam <—-(look these guys up), Eric Clapton, Elton John, the Beatles, Neal Diamond, Vivaldi, Kenny Wayne Shepard (with a name like Wayne ya can’t be all bad), Willy Nelson and Stevie Ray to name just a few. My favorite song is Amazing Grace.

7. I dig my wife.

Here are the rules for being tagged.

You need to:
1. Put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you.
2. List 7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment
on their blogs to let them know.

Now I am to tag seven others. Assuming of course they want to play. Thing is it’s already getting late and I really need to work on that painting for a couple of hours. I”ll finish this tomorrow evening.

Tick, tick tick tick………

Tick Tick tick………..








Hey! So far so good. Not bad for an old guy! 🙂


It seems I have the same problem I had before. I have to tag seven people and see if I can get them to play. My weekly post goes out to a lot of people but I still really don’t know that many blogging artists. So…………I’m going to name the one I can and hope for a response. And as I understand participation is voluntary so lets roll the dice and see what shakes out.

My friend Coni Grant is the only blogging artist I know who hasn’t been tagged or has done any tagging so that is my list. Coni’s blog is a good read so take a look at her post and enjoy what you find.

Here are a couple of sites belonging to people who have probably been tagged all over the place. Barbara Muir and Theresa Rankin.  Both are wonderful people and both are wonderful painters. Take a look please.

Also there is a comment just added to a post from several weeks ago. Susiehyer (she paints with Doug and me sometimes) has a web site and posted a comment in “Lone Oak”. When you’re out running around the net take a look at her site.This girl can paint!!

And now I return to the easel. Wish me luck!!

Showings and Goings On

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9 x 12 oil100_27732oil 9 x 12100_277519 x 12 oil5 x 7 oil5 x 7 oil100_27779 x 12 oil9 x 12 oil

Starting in a week or so at Showings Fine Art Gallery we’ll be doing a show of miniature paintings. The show runs from Nov. 20th to Jan.10th. So far I’ve got 10 paintings to hand in.  Just click on the images above if you’d like to see them full size.







There almost wasn’t a post tonight. I’m thinkin Word Press was/is doing some sort of work on their stuff and it took an expert to get the photos of the paintings for the mini show into this post. The aforementioned expert of course is my wife Debra and she, as she always does, came to our rescue. To bad about the oat meal cookies.


Short post this week. Word Press is terrible slow and ahm tard.

Keep Smilin!!   EW

The Smorgasbord!!

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 Hello everyone,

Debra set me up with this YouTube Video.   Eldon’s YouTube Video  It’s the video version of the last demo I did of “Sunshine and Shadow”. Nothin fancy but it goes a little quicker than the blog did. Let me know what ya think. You can’t critique the voice tho. 🙂 

This blog is a little long. There’s some art work down a ways. Stick around, it’s worth it.


From time to time over the last few months I’ve posted links to several blogs and/or websites belonging to friends and colleagues. This week I’m going to list a bunch of them for you. Please, visit as many as you can, leave comments where you can and above all enjoy yourselves. You’re going to find poets, fiction writers, artists and galleries. There is a lot to see so come back and visit through the week. Let the feast begin!!

Coni Grant    Coni’s going in a new direction for a while. She is taking her students into color, composition and abstraction. Coni is a great teacher, check in and see what she has to say.

Peggy Hill     Peggy is a wonderful friend. I met Peggy in a chat room for poets several years ago and am totally taken by her work. I read it on line for a very long time but her work took on an entirely new dimension when she read aloud to me and my family when she came to visit.

Barbara M.     A new friend of mine from Canada. Barbara teaches and does portraiture work mostly of her family and the people around her. She works in acrylic and has a unique way of expressing herself. You’ll love the use of color.

Mario Acevedo     Mario and I go back to the 80’s when we were meeting with the Cosmic Onion Writers Group. Mario was working on his first “Vampire” book and I was throwing out some mega awful poetry. Better know to most as pohtree. Mario has since had some great success with his writing. Check out his take on the vampire thang.

Doug Martin     A painting buddy of mine. When we go paint sometimes the nonsense gets in the way and we do more goofin around than we do painting. Never is there a dull moment when Doug is around not to mention he’s on he__ of a painter.

Cynthia Reid     I met Cynthia 2 or 3 years ago in Estes Park at the plein air event. She’s a landscape artist working with bright bold color and a KNIFE!!! Her work also hangs ( in this part of the country) at Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen Colorado.

Theresa Rankin     A new friend. Wow! What a painter. She’s threatening to do a demo in her blog. I can hardly wait.

Doug Holdread     Doug and Lori are friends just made. Doug is working on the Pinon Canyon expansion opposition project and we painted together in Sept. this year for the first time. I posted a while back about what the army plans to do to the ranchers in S.E. Colorado. If ya missed it go have a look.

Leslie Allen     Leslie says she knows what she wants to be when she grows up. And she’s doing a wonderful job of it. Check her site out. Her Canadian roots take her back to her artist grandfather who told her “Paint what you see.” She’s been doing it since age 12.

Dawn Normali    Super cool lady and paints like it’s goin outta style. I posted a painting I purchased from her at her last show at Earthwood Gallery in Boulder. Look back in my posts if you missed the painting earlier.

Earthwood Collections     This is my gallery in Estes Park Colorado. This past year Earthwood has opened a sister gallery in Boulder. Coni Grant, Dawn Normali (both featured in previous posts) and I show in both galleries. Below is one of my paintings showing at the Estes gallery.

12x16 plein air

Better in real life.  I don’t remember the title, something or other about “Shadows”. 12×16 plein air.

Stoneheart Gallery     Stoneheart Gallery is my gallery in Evergreen Colorado. They show a real diversity of work going from my rather traditional work to sculpture to modern abstract painting and some killer handmade furniture.







30×40 oil at Stoneheart.

The  Squash Blossom     My Colorado Springs gallery. I’ve only been there for a short time. A really beautiful gallery that’s been around for a long time.

30x40 oil






 30×40 oil at The Squash Blossom


Showings Fine Art    Doug Martin opened Showings Fine Art this year. I’m hanging some small things there right now.






A painting from Showings. 10×20