Showings and Goings On


9 x 12 oil100_27732oil 9 x 12100_277519 x 12 oil5 x 7 oil5 x 7 oil100_27779 x 12 oil9 x 12 oil

Starting in a week or so at Showings Fine Art Gallery we’ll be doing a show of miniature paintings. The show runs from Nov. 20th to Jan.10th. So far I’ve got 10 paintings to hand in.  Just click on the images above if you’d like to see them full size.







There almost wasn’t a post tonight. I’m thinkin Word Press was/is doing some sort of work on their stuff and it took an expert to get the photos of the paintings for the mini show into this post. The aforementioned expert of course is my wife Debra and she, as she always does, came to our rescue. To bad about the oat meal cookies.


Short post this week. Word Press is terrible slow and ahm tard.

Keep Smilin!!   EW


11 Responses to “Showings and Goings On”

  1. Oh Eldon I do like the miniatures. We need to talk. I think I need a couple of these in my home. I love them.



  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    Eldon, It was worth the “pain” they look great. I found a dot of purple in the red one in the second row. I’m anxious to see them in real life. Vicki

  3. Hi Eldon,

    The paintings are all spectacular. Imagine uploading all that with
    the internet running slow. What’s amazing, is that 20 years ago, even
    10 years ago, none of this would have been possible. You
    seem to be leaping ahead so fast in blog proficiency. Couple that
    with your superb art, and watch out!!!

    Take care,


  4. Hi Peg! Happy to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed this group of paintings. I wouldn’t have thought it would take so much energy to do these little things but I’m wiped. Maybe it’s the whole year adding up. I’m thinking I need to do that 30x 40 abstract now for diversion. What cha think?

  5. Vicki! Thanks for the encouragement this last couple of weeks. Doug thanks ya too I’m thinkn. I will deliver this Sat. It was worth it.

  6. Hi Barbara. 🙂 You’re right, a few years ago this wasn’t possible. We’re able to reach so far out into the world and make freinds with people we would never have other wise known existed. Heck, we’re all practically neighbors. This little monitor here tho exists in a very large part because of Debra. She is responsible for getting this stuff going. I don’t do much more than maintain. She’s great!

  7. These are great Eldon. – So simple and beautiful.
    Simplicity is the key and sometimes, SO hard. Thanks for posting.Too bad about the cookies. Bye the way, are those raisens?
    – Coni

  8. thanks Coni, simple is as simple does, right? 🙂 I’m happy you like them. The cookies were indeed raisen filled. We mixed a new batch tho so I didn’t really do without. (even the darker ones weren’t to shabby) Oatmeal raisen are my favorite.

  9. Hi Eldon,

    You’ve been tagged. Check out my site to see what this means.
    I know you’re busy like me, so there’s no hurry.


  10. Eldon these are all fantastic, fresh and have a sense of place. I particularly like the one with the deep blue shadow from the tree with the two people beside it. Keep up the amazing work. As for the computer…I have noticed that if I just keep doing it…it does get easier. I had a problem with Internet Explorer not remembering my cookies for my blog….no matter what I did! So I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and now it works like a charm every time! Keep posting …I love to see what you are doing and I wish you much success on your upcoming show!!

  11. I have just tagged you if you want to play come to my blog and see how its done.

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