The Best I’ve Ever Done.

Below is the start of the best piece of work I’ve ever done.

18x24 oil beginning stage

At least that’s what I tell myself every time I put up a new canvas. It happens rarely but I’m constantly looking for that one painting that tells me I’ve moved on to the next level. I love my craft and getting better is what drives me to keep painting. Of course I’d paint the perfect painting if I could but since that isn’t gonna  happen I’m just gonna to do the best I can every time . I guess it would be optimal if the last painting an artist ever painted was the best he/she ever did.

And now….. It seems I’ve been tagged. 🙂

Barbara Muir did the deed and what follows is all truth but not all of the truth. We are of course what our secrets are so I’ll steer clear of darkest things. mwa ha ha ha, And with these seven bits of information I’ll let you all in on some things you don’t know about the fella on this side of the monitor. Do I hear chains rattling?

1. I’m German, or part German rather, and my German ancestors migrated to this country in the 1700’s and were part of the original group founding Germantown. Their name in “the old country” was Keuster. The spelling when they arrived here was changed to spell like Kuster and later was again changed to Custer. General George Custer is a distant uncle of my grandfather, Clarence Custer.

2. I can hold a grudge. No surprise to some of you. Mwa ha ha. 🙂


3. I spent a few years in my youth at Colorado Boys Ranch at LaJunta Colorado. A couple of really cool people recently wrote a book about things that have happened there over the years and I’ve got my own personal chapter. I did the painting for the cover.

4. I have a daughter, a son in law, and two grandsons. I wonder if they know how much I love them.

5. My middle name is Wayne.

6. Some of my favorite musical artists are, Back Door Slam <—-(look these guys up), Eric Clapton, Elton John, the Beatles, Neal Diamond, Vivaldi, Kenny Wayne Shepard (with a name like Wayne ya can’t be all bad), Willy Nelson and Stevie Ray to name just a few. My favorite song is Amazing Grace.

7. I dig my wife.

Here are the rules for being tagged.

You need to:
1. Put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you.
2. List 7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment
on their blogs to let them know.

Now I am to tag seven others. Assuming of course they want to play. Thing is it’s already getting late and I really need to work on that painting for a couple of hours. I”ll finish this tomorrow evening.

Tick, tick tick tick………

Tick Tick tick………..








Hey! So far so good. Not bad for an old guy! 🙂


It seems I have the same problem I had before. I have to tag seven people and see if I can get them to play. My weekly post goes out to a lot of people but I still really don’t know that many blogging artists. So…………I’m going to name the one I can and hope for a response. And as I understand participation is voluntary so lets roll the dice and see what shakes out.

My friend Coni Grant is the only blogging artist I know who hasn’t been tagged or has done any tagging so that is my list. Coni’s blog is a good read so take a look at her post and enjoy what you find.

Here are a couple of sites belonging to people who have probably been tagged all over the place. Barbara Muir and Theresa Rankin.  Both are wonderful people and both are wonderful painters. Take a look please.

Also there is a comment just added to a post from several weeks ago. Susiehyer (she paints with Doug and me sometimes) has a web site and posted a comment in “Lone Oak”. When you’re out running around the net take a look at her site.This girl can paint!!

And now I return to the easel. Wish me luck!!


14 Responses to “The Best I’ve Ever Done.”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    I love your comments. Do I see you heading for the orangey red
    in the underpainting? So far it’s super — those little licks of
    orange light peaking through the trees.

    My husband and I went to Germany a couple of years ago. I tagged along
    on a business trip (another great form of tagging incidentally). In grade 10 I studied German with a very quiet, unexciting teacher, and all these years later
    it popped up in my head and I could speak to everyone. Now I have a friend
    at school — a prof who is amazing at languages, and knows 30 languages
    cold, and we speak German every time we see one another. I can’t
    keep up with him, and he’s always laughing at my mistakes. But come on
    it was one course in a country that’s only interested in English and French.

    Plus I like almost all of the music you like. I don’t know Kenny Wayne, or
    Stevie Ray, but Willie Nelson has been the background for us on many
    a trip to Nova Scotia. Now he makes me so homesick for my little
    boys (grown now) that I can’t listen to him without crying. I also
    love Paul Simon, and he made me cry the other night on Colbert singing
    “An American Tune.”

    Wow. It seems the more we know, the more it makes sense that we
    know each other.

    Have a great rest of the painting.


  2. Barbara,
    You are from Nova Scotia? I worked there at the Vic hospital in the Recovery Room in ~ 1967.
    I’m from Ontario. Small world.
    Every time we hit the road on another painting trip (my husband and I) we start out singing Willie Nelson’s …..”On the road again…..”

    Eldon, I am thinking about Blogging but I’m too busy! Keeping PAAC going and working on the PR and the administration of the Cafe entry system for the WAOW show coming to Denver and Saks Gallery in February, 2009. You all should check out this show when it comes to town!


  3. Eldon, congratulations on being tagged and doesn’t it just keep the momentum of painting and blogging in a tandem race!
    I like your thoughts on painting and making each one the best it can be for itself.
    Like telling someone they may not be perfect but they’re perfect for you.

    I’m absorbing that strong red underpainting and how it works so well beneath the greens. It’s a good reminder to me to utilize that process more than I do. It makes a painting glow from under.

    I’ve enjoyed reading this post.

  4. I want to play.
    I feel like a drudge because I am such a blogging nit whit it takes awhile to figure out what all of this stuff is all about, where to go with it etc. etc.
    Thanks for the push.- C

  5. Barbara, someday I think it’d be cool to go to Germany and see where I come from. We’ll see. That is only one place on a list of many.

    I used to do those orange underpaintings on everything I did. Even my stuff to take out doors. I liked the effect but somehow I got away from it. Maybe just lazy or an “I don’t have time” kind of thing.. I can see again why I liked it so much. I’ll start doing it again. Maybe it’s those bright orange back grounds I see you starting with that brought me around to thinking hard about it again.

  6. Leslie, Hi! Well if you don’t get around to blogging I can still put in a word for ya here and there. Blogging is fun but takes a lot more time than I like. I have to be really careful to not blog to much where it gets in the way of the work I have to do. First things first, right? Click above on Barbara Muirs name where she left a comment. It’ll take ya to her blog. You prolly already knew that huh? 🙂

  7. Hi Bonnie, it was neat seeing a photograph of you in your blog. Now I know who I’m visiting/blogging with. Probably it’s about time I post my mug shot in one of my posts. And again I’m blown away by your work.

    Blogging, like you said, can compete hard and fast against painting time. Oh well, I enjoy it. I’ve met and made some great friends blogging and I’m managing to stay in touch with some old friends as well. The internet is amazing.

  8. Hey Coni!! Blogging nit? Not even. You’re a busy lady and spending time finding out about the blog stuff can be time consuming. Again, praises to Debra for being my computer guru or this wouldn’t exist at all. Takes time is all. I’m looking forward to seeing how you post the tagging thing. I’ll forward your tag response around if you don’t mind.

  9. Hi Eldon, I wanted to thank you for your YouTube presentation. I found it REALLY helpful. Very generous of you to share your knowledge! Very big-spirited. Sincerely, Lori DeLozier

  10. Hi Eldon,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I’ve been checking out your blog and your artwork–thanks so much for sharing your gifts! What an amazing thing to join you as your artwork comes to life 🙂 Some of your work reminds me of much of the artwork I soaked up during my time in the Texas Hill Country. I lived in a tiny town which turned out to be quite a little artist’s hot spot. I became friends with a gallery owner and always relished hanging out in the beauty that both God and humans created.

    Another thing that caught my attention is that you shared about spending some time on a boys ranch. While I was in Texas I spent a few years as a house parent at a youth ranch for kids who were placed in foster care. I have a fervent passion for working with troubled youth and hope to someday open a foster home on a ranch for boys who are in the justice/foster system. I currently work with kids and some of my favorite work is with boys who are on probation. I dream of not only helping broken hearts heal, but to help broken communities reconcile. Thank you for sharing that part of your story, I’m definitely going to look up that book!


  11. Hi Lori, my pleasure and thanks for the comment. We have a second video in the works now that promises to be alot of work. Actually two if I can talk my painting buddy Doug Martin into a little bit of Tom foolery. Now all I need is the time to get them done. 🙂

  12. Hi Mav! Great blog you’ve got going there. I write a little here and there and I do a little poetry and tho I’m rather poor at it it is nice sometimes to find a blog more full of mental imagery than it is all the paintings. I’ve been so into the painting stuff it seems I’ve forgotten how wonderful it can be to read along and just see someone elses ideas in my head. Thanks.

    Check out Peg Hills link on my blog home page. Another writer of way higher caliber than me.

  13. Thank you Eldon for the mention…you are a real pal!! I love the start of this….exceptional! I love the challenge of the next one is always going to be that masterpiece. I also love the challenge of problems I have never done before. Keep up your excellent work……it is wonderful!

  14. Hey Theresa! My pleasure. Literally!
    I read somewhere in a blog a few days ago that the answers to the next painting problem lies in the last one. Something like that any way. Makes sense I guess if you can remember what you did in the last one. I find as I get older my memory is not as good as it used to be. I find as I get older my memory is not as good as it used to be. 🙂

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