What the alligators don’t get.

18x24 oil on canvas

I don’t remember his exact words but Steven King in his book on writing, in answer to why he writes what he does, said it was because of the filter. He wrote that in every ones mind is this filter and certain things fall through the filter and certain things don’t. What falls through, the alligators get, and is gone. What doesn’t we have to deal with. Sounds about right.. So…according to Steven King an artist is an artist (among other things) because of the filter. In an attempt to keep the filter clean we do our creative work, what ever that might be, and we do it in a certain way and certain things influence us. Then it all comes out on a sheet of paper, or a canvas or it’s chiseled into a piece of stone or written into a poem or what ever.

It’s amazing how small these bits can be and still not get through to the alligators. One of these recent bits came from watching the stroke of a very loaded brush in one of Jeremy Lipking’s You Tube videos. It was a very small thing clogging the ole filter big time. And most recently was a “by chance” visit to artist Dan Beck’s studio open house last night. What I saw and what I learned in about an hour will change the direction of my painting , in some way, forever. Amazing, totally amazing.

And ya know what else is amazing? I,ve been tagged again. 🙂 This time by my friend Theresa Rankin. I think these folks are tryin to drag somethin outta me. I wonder what deep dark secret I can tell this time? But that’s going to be a subject for a later time. And, too, sadly I still know no more bloggers to tag than I did a few days ago. Oh well, we’ll do what we can. 🙂 Does the painter of light have a blog?

Also, I’m headin out of town for a day or so this next week so there’ll most likely be no post this Wed. Oh well, as Anna Rosanna Dana used to say, “It’s always somthin!”



9 Responses to “What the alligators don’t get.”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    This is just magnificent.

    Please keep painting the way you do. No one in the world is a better
    painter. We know a lot of great painters — and you are one of them.


  2. Eldon- congratulations on being tagged again and by Theresa! She can paint a symphony.

    This is a great painting- love the light and shadow on the rocks on the left. It glows and leads right into the walker in the woods.

    Really stunning work.
    Maybe while you’re away you can think of things to write about.
    All 7 of them.

    T’aint so easy.

  3. Thanks Barbara, I agree. I must keep on keepin on the way I do. Sometimes tho I see something that sticks and small changes take place. The abstract quality in Dan Becks work deserves some investigation. I think sometimes something sticks because I’m already really close to what I’ve seen. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  4. Bonnie, I’ve noticed, tho, things you might not want to spread around are easier to come up with. T’aint easy. Scars!! now there’s an idea. 🙂
    Anyway, I’m glad you like my stuff. This painting feels like I may have finally conquered the color green. That, and I’ve always wanted to paint a pile of rocks.

  5. Lora Jones Says:

    You hold tight to those rocks, Uncle Eldon…they’re to big to get through the filter, anyway. Seems to me they were painted with love.

  6. Eldon, I’m not sure how this “blog stuff” works. I hope you receive this note.
    Thanks for sending your blog to me, I’ve enjoyed reading it and viewing your new works.
    It seems like a lot of you sharing informal “streaming of your thoughts”. At times you seem to be speaking to a specific person and letting everyone listen in. Is that how it works?
    I’ll keep reading your blog and try to pick it up.

  7. Hi Ken, thanks for the note. Hope the art world is treatin ya right. 🙂
    Nah, I’m just being as “me” as I can be. I think it’s way hard writing in some voice that isn’t mine. You should look into a blog. You’re a mighty fine painter, everyone would love seeing something you’ve done now and then. I’d even introduce you around.

  8. Geez Eldon!!! This is Gorgeous! I love the shapes of the pine boughs, the colors, the composition…you name it….this ones got it all! I gotta catchup on what you’re doing here. Dan Beck….his work is fabulous! And Jeremy Lipking ….well…we would all want to paint like that!

  9. Thanks Theresa. Glad ya like it. It was one of those that seemed effortless. Like they say, “sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you”, Iit’s a constant bear hunt around here. 🙂
    Never met Jeremy but I’ve met his work. Awesome! And being in Dans work place and having the opportunity to be a looky lou was the high point of the month.

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