EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It!!!

carricas_corner 18x24 oil



I received this information this evening and was going to save it for a post later on this week but I think it’s important so here is the skinny on the Pinon Canyon Art Exhibition.  If anyone is thinking of bidding on any of this art work be sure to read about the Pinon Canyon Square Inch or click on the link in the site to see how it works. It’s part of the bidding process. I and several members of my family own square inches (they don’t know it yet, it’s for Christmas). Above is one of two pieces I’ve done for the auction. It’s an18x24 inch oil on canvas. Below is the second painting for the auction. on-higbee-road 8x10 oil on canvas

 If anyone is new to my blog and is wondering what this is all about please look back a ways in my posts to “The Army Just Doesn’t Get It”. 


In the interest of wall space this piece is 8×10 inches.

This is a no minimum bid, silent auction. The site from the link above explains the on line bidding process. All the paintings up for auction will be loaded on to the site by Nov. 28.


“Carrica’s Corner” (top) is about 18 miles south of La Junta, Co. This is my name for the area so you won’t find it on the maps. The hi-way runs just to the right of this scene and across the hi-way to the west is the foundation of Carrica’s old house. The house burned down many years ago and the Carricas moved to town. They never rebuilt. I’ve often thought I’d like to build a place for me on that foundation and retire there one day.

“On Higbee Road” was painted just a few miles further on down the hi-way then South on, you guessed it, Higbee Road. Higbee Road dead ends after running along the Purgatory River for several miles. A lot of rancher/farmers live along that road. Some are long time friends of mine.

Happy bidding! and Happy Thanksgiving!!


5 Responses to “EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It!!!”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Can’t wait! Best of luck to all involved.

  2. Hi Eldon,

    I hope this effort goes really well. I wish you every success with it, and I’m
    100% behind what you’re doing.

    Take care,


  3. Thanks you guys. I hope it goes off in a big way. It’s slow so far but….Cross fingers please.

  4. Eldon,
    I bought your Higbee Road piece and now wish I had bid on the larger piece because I really like your work. Good luck with all your endeavors.

  5. Thanks Peter. I’m glad you’re enjoying the painting. I looked at your web site and found some really nice pastel paintings. I love a good pastel yet have never had the time to try them out. One of these days I’m gonna. My friend Vicki Barton says she’ll show me how it’s done. I’ll have to take her up on the offer.

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