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A Wooden Horse

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My daughter collects carousels and music boxes. I put this together for her a couple of years ago for her birthday. A little research and a trip or two to the library got me in the ball park. This first stage was the normal drawing process on the toned canvas. The canvas size is 18×24 inches.


In the second stage I added the shadows to show mass and dimensionality.


The background was put in next. Then the white areas of the horse were blocked in and merged with the shadowed areas.


The fourth stage nearly finishes the horse and the riding gear. I hadn’t thought much past painting the horse so I wasn’t real sure how to finish it.


18x24 oil on canvas/Terri's painting

The painting reminded me of the carnivals that came to town every summer when I was a kid. I can still remember the smell of dust mingled with the that of popcorn and cotton candy. I can hear, too, the engines whine and sputter as the carnie started a ride. The lights were bright and the mummer of the crowd, pierced here and there by screaming teenagers, floated by on cool night air. Boy-oh-boy! Those were the days!


Merry Christmas!

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12x16 oil on canvas

Merry Christmas everyone!! We hope your holiday season is a happy one and wish you all prosperity in the new year.

Eldon, Debra and Devon

“Out South”

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This is a little mix of photos and paintings. Some go back several years while others were photographed or painted in the last year or so. All are from South East Colorado.

12x16 oil/study 30x40 oil "Down Higbee Road" collection the artist
18x24 oil collection the artist a photo on Higbee Road
12x16 oil/sold 24x30 oil/sold
photo/louden ranch 08 photo/cactus bloom
photo/one of several pools in a string photo/wild flowers
photo/moving cattle  
Lloyd Hall/branding time photo/hand made posts photo/indian writings/Vogel Canyon
a beginning/18x24 oil near villagreen/red canyon

I came to this area at age fourteen in April, 1967. I went from three brothers to fifty one in a day. Boy was my mom tired. Actually my younger brother and I were placed at Colorado Boys Ranch at La Junta, (means “the junction”) in S.E. Colorado, and though I wasn’t very happy about it at the time I’ve since decided I couldn’t have been better off. I had clean clothes for a change (no pun intended……well a little), I had three square meals a day and a warm place to sleep. And I had art supplies, something I hadn’t had the month before. It’s been a long time since then and I’ve smeared a lot of paint on to a lot of canvas but I haven’t forgotten. I’m still very grateful for the start I got at CBR.

CBR is about three miles north of La Junta. About twenty miles south of La Junta you can find some of the most beautiful country you’ll ever see. South from there to the New Mexico state line and from inter-state 25 east to the Kansas border you’ll find pretty much the same thing. I’ve always referred to the area as “out south” and it’s my favorite place to paint.

night all. ew

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With a Little License

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24x36 from Willard's (with a little license)

 Third time is a charm. It was done from a photo I took last Oct. at Willard Loudens ranch about 50 miles east of Trinidad Co. I took a liberty or two with content but all in all this piece holds the spirit and the history of Southeastern Colorado. These falling down stone structures are all over the place and are some of the only signs left of the folks who lived there and tried to tough out a living a hundred years ago. A few of them succeeded and a lot of them didn’t. Those who didn’t went looking for greener pastures, literally, and left the land for those who did. Those who did have been making a living off this land for five or six generations now. It’s an honorable way of life for a hard working,  proud people. Ya gotta respect that.

And I’d like to introduce you to two of my artist friends, Ken Shanika and Josh Been.

Ken and I met several years ago. We were both painting the Estes Park Plein Air thing and buddied up and painted together a few times. We’ve painted a lot together since and I thought you all might like to see how he does it. You can see Kens work at:            He lives down near Pikes Peak ( west of Colorado Springs) and works out of his studio there.  Be prepared, the guy is a heck of a painter. 

Josh Been is another of the Estes Park Plein Air group. He’s showed up a couple of years ago and fit in like he’d been there from day one. Josh is from Salida Colorado. He has a studio there and a gallery too. Click on: to see what he’s been up to. Yup, look out, nuther good one.

Later!   EW

Third Time’s A Charm

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The "Do Over"

This painting is going to be a “do over”.

I started this painting several posts ago. It’s 24×36 inches of a love/hate relationship. One minute I’m thinkin WOW! and the next I don’t want to waste another stroke on it.


The “love” part.

Click on the image to enlarge it and look closely at the brush work. Aint it sweet? Get a load of those soft edges. And you gotta love those warm and cool colors working together with the ( I think totally beautiful) brush work to place this part of the painting correctly into the distance. Notice the shadow cast by the near cliff wall onto the next one back. You can actually feel the space between the two. This is where I want to be. It doesn’t get any better than this.

nuther detail

The “Hate” part.

OK, hate may be over stating it a bit but this part of the painting has left me cold. Click again and look at the brush work. It’s harsh and hard edged. The strokes themselves lack the integrity and richness of the brush work I really liked in the first detail. The color of the shadow is wrong and the chicken scratchin around with the blades of grass aren’t consistent with the rendering in other parts of the painting. I’d like the light to be a little warmer in the foreground as well. I’m thinking I could paint over the parts I don’t like but ya can’t totally hide flaws like this. Besides, I’ll know it’s under there and now and then those rough edged, ill placed, stokes of color are going to show through and I’ll resent it.

So…….I’ve moved on.

10x20 oil10x20 oil100_2832210x20

The progression above is a nice piece of work but alas also a “Do Over”. This one did help me a lot in solving certain of my problems, and I appreciate that, but to stop here I’d be settling because this is still not exactly what I’m looking for. The old rock house is a plus though and I’m closing in on a foreground I can live with.  I had to do a bit of glazing to get the painting to shine with the sort of light I need.

So…….meet the new 24×36 in my life.

100_2863Nothing at this point is beyond possibility. I see freshness, I feel the wonder and excitement of new beginnings. I can do almost anything I like. And she’s rich.

Stay tuned………..