Third Time’s A Charm

The "Do Over"

This painting is going to be a “do over”.

I started this painting several posts ago. It’s 24×36 inches of a love/hate relationship. One minute I’m thinkin WOW! and the next I don’t want to waste another stroke on it.


The “love” part.

Click on the image to enlarge it and look closely at the brush work. Aint it sweet? Get a load of those soft edges. And you gotta love those warm and cool colors working together with the ( I think totally beautiful) brush work to place this part of the painting correctly into the distance. Notice the shadow cast by the near cliff wall onto the next one back. You can actually feel the space between the two. This is where I want to be. It doesn’t get any better than this.

nuther detail

The “Hate” part.

OK, hate may be over stating it a bit but this part of the painting has left me cold. Click again and look at the brush work. It’s harsh and hard edged. The strokes themselves lack the integrity and richness of the brush work I really liked in the first detail. The color of the shadow is wrong and the chicken scratchin around with the blades of grass aren’t consistent with the rendering in other parts of the painting. I’d like the light to be a little warmer in the foreground as well. I’m thinking I could paint over the parts I don’t like but ya can’t totally hide flaws like this. Besides, I’ll know it’s under there and now and then those rough edged, ill placed, stokes of color are going to show through and I’ll resent it.

So…….I’ve moved on.

10x20 oil10x20 oil100_2832210x20

The progression above is a nice piece of work but alas also a “Do Over”. This one did help me a lot in solving certain of my problems, and I appreciate that, but to stop here I’d be settling because this is still not exactly what I’m looking for. The old rock house is a plus though and I’m closing in on a foreground I can live with.  I had to do a bit of glazing to get the painting to shine with the sort of light I need.

So…….meet the new 24×36 in my life.

100_2863Nothing at this point is beyond possibility. I see freshness, I feel the wonder and excitement of new beginnings. I can do almost anything I like. And she’s rich.

Stay tuned………..


6 Responses to “Third Time’s A Charm”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    You are so funny. I don’t see the big problems with your love/hate painting,
    and I love the 24 x 36″ rich girl. That colour is one of my favorite grounds.
    In a few days I’ll have some time to work on my “do over”, but I will be
    fixing it, too much work went into it to kiss it goodbye. Plus acrylic I gather
    is more receptive to a fresh start than oil. I wouldn’t know. I’m hoping some day you’ll teach me how to paint in oil.

    That’s when Steven and I go across the country meeting all of you folks.

    Take care,


  2. I’m always worried when I put a layer of new paint over old. The bottom layer can suck the oil right out of a new layer and paint peels off. Had it happen only once but it’s scary. And I’d love to paint with you sometime when you make your cross country trip. It’s about 1600 miles, isn’t it, from your place to Colorado? I drove back here once from Madison Wis. Thought it was never gonna end.

  3. Hi Eldon,

    I think that’s about as far as driving to the Maritimes and back — yes — it’s a long way. But with a good book on CD and lots of stops along the way
    it could be fun.

    Take care,


  4. Hi Eldon….I completely understand the love/hate thing…..not every painting falls together and not every painting comes out the way we invision it. Drats! I still find the painting very beautiful. I am doing a do over myself….and decided to gesso the old painting first. Still not the same as nice fresh new piece of linen. I am giving it a try anyway as it is small and is more of a study. I will be watching you and the new rich one!!!

  5. Hi Theresa! Good to hear from ya.
    Most of that painting is ok, it’s just that (drats) brush work in the fore ground that I don’t care for. I tried to work over it but just couldn’t get happy. It’s in the corner now and will probably gather a lot of dust before I pitch it. The rich one is coming along. Just has to dry up a little. Maybe by Wed.

  6. […] last week I decided “Sun Rise on Fall River” needed to be a Do Over. (click here for more do overs) I love the painting. It gave to me one of the most exciting  moments of my painting career. […]

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