With a Little License

24x36 from Willard's (with a little license)

 Third time is a charm. It was done from a photo I took last Oct. at Willard Loudens ranch about 50 miles east of Trinidad Co. I took a liberty or two with content but all in all this piece holds the spirit and the history of Southeastern Colorado. These falling down stone structures are all over the place and are some of the only signs left of the folks who lived there and tried to tough out a living a hundred years ago. A few of them succeeded and a lot of them didn’t. Those who didn’t went looking for greener pastures, literally, and left the land for those who did. Those who did have been making a living off this land for five or six generations now. It’s an honorable way of life for a hard working,  proud people. Ya gotta respect that.

And I’d like to introduce you to two of my artist friends, Ken Shanika and Josh Been.

Ken and I met several years ago. We were both painting the Estes Park Plein Air thing and buddied up and painted together a few times. We’ve painted a lot together since and I thought you all might like to see how he does it. You can see Kens work at:  http://ShanikaFineArts.com            He lives down near Pikes Peak ( west of Colorado Springs) and works out of his studio there.  Be prepared, the guy is a heck of a painter. 

Josh Been is another of the Estes Park Plein Air group. He’s showed up a couple of years ago and fit in like he’d been there from day one. Josh is from Salida Colorado. He has a studio there and a gallery too. Click on: http://www.joshuabeen.com to see what he’s been up to. Yup, look out, nuther good one.

Later!   EW


14 Responses to “With a Little License”

  1. I’d like to thank Eldon for such a nice introduction. I am honored and humbled to paint along side of him any time. The best things in life are better when they are shared. Thank you my friend.

  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    I love the building. It reminds me of my “milk house” retreat made out of hand hewn stone and plastered walls that let the ivy grow through. I learned to draw in that little building ….warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks, Vicki

  3. Hey Ken, my pleasure for sure. My stats show you were hit a few times today. That’s what it’s about. Thanks for sharin!

  4. Hi Vicki, sounds like a beautiful place to spend a lot of quiet hours drawing. I think the day I became an artist I was appreciating an old stone building cast in the yellow orange light of a warm summer evening. I was 10, maybe 12 years old. Wouldn’t ya give a bunch to go back and visit?

  5. Hi Eldon,

    This is a super painting. I think you’re always a bit hard on yourself.
    You are such an amazing painter.

    Take care,


  6. Hi Barbara. You’re always there with a positive attitude and encouragment. It means more than you think. Thanks. 🙂

  7. It is such a pleasure to know you, Eldon and to know Ken too. I have Josh Been’s work in my home and I agree he is amazing. But I know many of the group of painters that you feature on your blog and all are terrific artists–Dawn and Connie to name a couple. It is always such fun to see you and them at the Plein Aire Quick Draw in Estes Park and elsewhere. I think this ‘new’ painting captures a flavor and ruggedness beautifully. What did you do with the miniatures you showed us a while ago?

    My love to all,

  8. Hi Eldon- You achieved so much depth and feeling in this painting with minimal use of color. Looks like your hand, brush, eye and brain were all in accord!

    Don’t we love that elusive combination.

    I always enjoy seeing your new posts and reading the supportive comments here.

  9. Hi Eldon, I love the simple quiet beauty you have captured here. You have done that area and the people who have lived and worked there all those years a great honor….it truly shows the love…you and they….have for the land! I am really hoping to participate in that event next year!

  10. Hi Peggy!! Been a while. Miss ya. When I put up this post I had forgotten you had collected both mine and Josh’s work. His web site is a real treat huh? The mini show is still hanging at Showings Fine Art down on Sante Fe Drive. I guess the show will run until mid Jan. Doug and the crew there wanted to slide thru the holidays before hanging a new show. A new one, I guess, is scheduled for next month sometime.

  11. Hi Bonnie, good to hear from you. You’re right, I get a lot of great support from my bloggin buddies and wouldn’t trade this small group of on line friends for anything, bonnieluria included. I took a look at The Gate Keeper and I tell myself it would sure be neat to watch you paint and see how you bring it all together.
    Who knows? Maybe one of these days.

  12. Hello Theresa, Thanks. I do love that area. I’ve always refered to it as “out south”. I enjoy going into the mountains to paint but there is something about this dry rugged land that makes me happy. I think I’ll drop a bunch of phots into my next post so everyone can see how beautiful it really is out there. I guess maybe I’m a cowboy at heart. Maybe we all are.

  13. Bravo! Your shadows and light are in perfect tune.

  14. Hi Dianne! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment and for the kind words. I’ve gone back through the links and visited your blog. There is a lot there and a lot of intrest to other painters. I know the kind of time it takes to share all that and how much work one could be doing instead. Thanks for that. I’ll be in and out of your site often.

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