“Out South”

This is a little mix of photos and paintings. Some go back several years while others were photographed or painted in the last year or so. All are from South East Colorado.

12x16 oil/study 30x40 oil "Down Higbee Road" collection the artist
18x24 oil collection the artist a photo on Higbee Road
12x16 oil/sold 24x30 oil/sold
photo/louden ranch 08 photo/cactus bloom
photo/one of several pools in a string photo/wild flowers
photo/moving cattle  
Lloyd Hall/branding time photo/hand made posts photo/indian writings/Vogel Canyon
a beginning/18x24 oil near villagreen/red canyon

I came to this area at age fourteen in April, 1967. I went from three brothers to fifty one in a day. Boy was my mom tired. Actually my younger brother and I were placed at Colorado Boys Ranch at La Junta, (means “the junction”) in S.E. Colorado, and though I wasn’t very happy about it at the time I’ve since decided I couldn’t have been better off. I had clean clothes for a change (no pun intended……well a little), I had three square meals a day and a warm place to sleep. And I had art supplies, something I hadn’t had the month before. It’s been a long time since then and I’ve smeared a lot of paint on to a lot of canvas but I haven’t forgotten. I’m still very grateful for the start I got at CBR.

CBR is about three miles north of La Junta. About twenty miles south of La Junta you can find some of the most beautiful country you’ll ever see. South from there to the New Mexico state line and from inter-state 25 east to the Kansas border you’ll find pretty much the same thing. I’ve always referred to the area as “out south” and it’s my favorite place to paint.

night all. ew

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4 Responses to ““Out South””

  1. Hi Eldon,

    I started a comment and didn’t finish it — so if you find it you can take it off.
    What an impressive blog. I love all of the paintings but the snow paintings
    resonate with what’s going on in the landscape here. It’s mighty snowy
    outside today. The photographs just build on the beauty of your paintings.

    I hope you are getting to have a very happy holiday.

    Take care,


  2. Oh my Eldon….these painting are wonderful …full of life and a real sense of place! The photographs are terrific and will make wonderful reference material…I share your appreciation of the area! It reminds me of Utah to a great extent….an area I lived in for many years. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hoping you and yours have a great holiday!

  3. Hi Barbara, I didn’t find a part of a comment so you’re safe.:) Kidding of course. Snowy here too but I’ll bet it’s a lot colder in Toranto. We got down to 17 below a few days ago tho. ewwww!
    And thank you, I’m glad you like my blog. it seems to take so much time. I don’t know how you do it every day. Glad ya do though.
    Merry Christmas to you and to all you know.

  4. Theresa, Thanks.
    Ya know what’s crazy? I’ve never been to Utah. I keep tellin myself I’m going one of these days and I’m taking my paint. My friends Steve and Tish keep saying how beautiful it is. One of these days. 🙂
    Merry Christmas.

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