A Wooden Horse


My daughter collects carousels and music boxes. I put this together for her a couple of years ago for her birthday. A little research and a trip or two to the library got me in the ball park. This first stage was the normal drawing process on the toned canvas. The canvas size is 18×24 inches.


In the second stage I added the shadows to show mass and dimensionality.


The background was put in next. Then the white areas of the horse were blocked in and merged with the shadowed areas.


The fourth stage nearly finishes the horse and the riding gear. I hadn’t thought much past painting the horse so I wasn’t real sure how to finish it.


18x24 oil on canvas/Terri's painting

The painting reminded me of the carnivals that came to town every summer when I was a kid. I can still remember the smell of dust mingled with the that of popcorn and cotton candy. I can hear, too, the engines whine and sputter as the carnie started a ride. The lights were bright and the mummer of the crowd, pierced here and there by screaming teenagers, floated by on cool night air. Boy-oh-boy! Those were the days!


3 Responses to “A Wooden Horse”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    This reminds me of the carousel that came to a local shopping center. All summer long we’d pay just about nothing to go on the trampolines.
    Parents would faint now to see how they were set up, about ten of
    them set into a big plywood frame, and we’d jump from one to the next.
    Then once a year different rides would come in — the carousel was my
    favorite. A lovely painting, and lovely memories.

    Happy New Year. Believe me I thought of you on December 26.



  2. Hi Barbara, Dec 26 was indeed a great day. Glad you enjoyed the painting. I had a blast doing it and it was nice remembering those care free days of so long ago. My little brother and I would ask for work with the carnival so we could ride the rides later in the evening. We’d take tickets or usher folks onto the rides. I’d have made a great carnie.

  3. I remember the Santa Monica pier carousel…so how old am I!! I love it and I bet your daughter did too!

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