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Wailing and Gnashing

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Well here I am in front of the puter and I find myself doing nothing again. I may look for some reference material for a little bit but I doubt it turns into any real effort. It’ll take total necessity or huge inspiration to get me going this evening. I wonder if I’m part bear. This time of year all I want to do is take it easy and sleep as much as I can. Still I’m coming up short.

I told Debra the other night we need to have an adventure. Maybe go be a pirate or something. Not the modern kind of course but the Johnny Depp kind. Out of the question I suspect. I don’t know the first thing about swordsmanship, I seriously doubt my hair would be waxin flaxin after not having been washed for weeks and every attempt I’ve made at a mustache winds up looking like any square inch taken off the hiney of a possum. Scraggy. Too, I drank so much rum when I was younger (way) I still today can’t stomach the smell of an empty bottle. Sand rubs me the wrong way, if you know what I mean, and the ladies would be hanging out with tougher swashbucklers than yours truly.

I’m thinking though there ought to be some kind of adventure out there for guys like me. Something like traveling across Australia in a wheel chair. Playing with snakes is something I’ve  considered but I’ve kinda out grown that.  Here’s one! I’ll be an artist! Now there’s something that’s adventurous. It’ll get me outdoors and off to all sorts of exotic places. I can make bold choices. I’ll be free to say whatever I feel like saying as I’ve plenty of experience at brushworkmanship to back it up. (and I don’t need a mustache)

Tomorrow. I’m in dry dock today. 🙂


8x10 owned by my friend Clay8×10 owned by my friend Clay.


Sun Rise on Fall River

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18x24 Arts For The Parks-04

The painting above, “Sun Rise on Fall River” was selected in 2004 as one of the Top 100 for the Arts For The Parks show. I’d tried two or three times before and had had no luck. The first notification you get is them telling you they’ve received your entry and it’s going to be something like 60 days before you know if you’re even in the running. That notification doesn’t make your heart rate go up but it’s nice to know they have it and it hasn’t been put up on a shelf at the post office in some out of the way place like Bird City, Kansas. (Yep! It’s there, way up in the north west corner.) Then ya wait! And ya try not to think about it.

Then like 60 days later you get this notice telling you whether you’ve gotten into the jury process or the other thing. The other thing being where they tell you to keep the piece and better luck next time and thanks for spending all that cash to let us see your less than Schmid art work. I’d received those sort of messages at least a couple of times but in 2004 I didn’t. I was told I’d been accepted into the show but I’d have to wait like 30 or 40 days to see if I would be juried into the 2nd hundred or into the TOP 100 and please check here if you’re willing to be in the 2nd 100. And everyone would know which 100 was which. Geez Louise. I went with thanks but no thanks.

I was at work. My wife was keeping an eye on the mail for me and we’d decided she could open the envelope when it came, then call. I’d be a basket case anyway and probably wouldn’t have opened the thing for days and days. But the call came and the lady who answers our phones at work brought out this little blue piece of paper and all it said was “you’re in the top 100”.

That was even worse! I couldn’t run through the shop screaming “I got in, I got in!” I couldn’t let myself pass out either and I knew I was dangerously close to hyperventilation. I’d end up embarrassing the crap out of myself if I didn’t get my lungs under control. So I held my breath until I was out the back door into the yard and I stood out there (breath in, breath out) for the several minutes it took for me to regain my composure.

This last week I decided “Sun Rise on Fall River” needed to be a Do Over. (click here for more do overs) I love the painting. It gave to me one of the most exciting moments of my painting career. I’m going to keep it and someday someone will inherit it. Still I couldn’t help thinking I could do better and what better time than nearly five years later to see if I can. You be the judge.

30x40 @99% complete (or so)

30x40 #1 30x40#2 30x40#3

The Fine Art of Procrastination

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Procrastination is a wonderful tool. It can be tweeked and tuned to a point where even the easiest living  people are able to live their lives and not even realize how well they use it and how perfect their lives have become. And it works best when the work being ignored is work we really never intend to do. Problem is, I’ve found, if a person truely figures on someday getting around to something,  catch up day can be a real pain. And that’s why I got busy on the Jan. 2nd and got some stuff done. I offer as proof:

30x40 with art on it

And so it seems I have to cope with my less than perfect life and do what my friend Theresa suggested. “Pick up those brushes and start kicking some buhootsker”.   🙂       See? It’s all down hill from here.

first stroke of many


Imagine That!

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Wow!! It’s 2009. Imagine that!  When I was a kid I wasn’t looking forward to living this long.  And, now,  for the last week or so I’ve actually been excited about January 1st rolling around.  I guess I figured on  January 1st I’d have an opportunity to put 2008 behind me and get this year started right.  Isn’t it said what you do on the first day of the year you’ll do all year long?

Well I was gonna get up early and watch a sunrise. I rolled out at 9:40. Oh well,  it’s cloudy anyway.  I’d crossed sugar off my list as of December 31st and so far I’ve had several pieces of hard candy, a piece of Dutch Apple Pie with Butter Pecan ice cream (lactose intolerant, imagine that!) and some chocolate. I thought it might be nice to pass at least part of the day pursuing  intellectual activity of some kind but instead  spent several hours in front of the TV watching Monsters Inc., Maury and various other middle of the week television waste of time stuff.

And I was going to paint.

There is, on the easel, a brand new 30×40 canvas that was whispering my name earlier. I heard it but some how I managed to put it out of my head. It’s totally ready to start. I put a thin under painting of orange on it a few days ago in anticipation of today. I  was going to start the year with a painting I knew would eclipse anything I’d done last year but the darn thing is still just orange. And though it’s less than 10 feet from me right now I can’t hear a thing.  Well, I’m safe in knowing that I haven’t messed it up yet. It’s perfection in my mind and will most likely stay that way a little bit longer.

And the down side is January 2nd is going to roll around. Then the 3rd and 4th, and so on and so on. The pressure is going to mount until I won’t be able to ignore the whispers any more but I’ll try. And I’m gonna feel more and more guilt. I’ll be lounging around on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons or napping when it’ll suddenly hit me that I’ve got stuff to do. But I’ll fight it. I’ll experience, from time to time, the energy it takes to get down here to the easel and get something done but I’m tough. It’ll pass. Still, I know its coming, it’s inevitable. Sooner or later I’m gonna have to bite the proverbial bullet. I’m gonna mix that first pool of paint and get started on 2009. But it probably won’t  happen today.      Imagine that!

Happy new year.  EW

30x40/has possibilties