The Fine Art of Procrastination

Procrastination is a wonderful tool. It can be tweeked and tuned to a point where even the easiest living  people are able to live their lives and not even realize how well they use it and how perfect their lives have become. And it works best when the work being ignored is work we really never intend to do. Problem is, I’ve found, if a person truely figures on someday getting around to something,  catch up day can be a real pain. And that’s why I got busy on the Jan. 2nd and got some stuff done. I offer as proof:

30x40 with art on it

And so it seems I have to cope with my less than perfect life and do what my friend Theresa suggested. “Pick up those brushes and start kicking some buhootsker”.   🙂       See? It’s all down hill from here.

first stroke of many



5 Responses to “The Fine Art of Procrastination”

  1. It is all good. Eldon — Come on it’s a new year. Resolve to quit being
    so hard on yourself!

    Love the painting so far.


  2. yep Barbara, it is. It was great taking that day off and layin around when I had stuff to do (there is secretly something pleasurable in that) but it was even more so when I got around and started the painting. I’m glad you enjoyed the start. I wonder what the painting would have been like if I had started it on a different day. Right now it’s about 50% done. So far so good!

  3. This is going to be fabulous!!! I can’t wait to see it!!

  4. Hi Theresa. Thanks for having that kind of faith in me. Actually it’s finished, or near enough to show. I’ll post it up on my blog in a day or so. I also have a progression of 12 or so photos if any one wants to take a look.

  5. Lou Ann Warren Says:

    Hey big bro, you procrastinate, I procrastinate. It must run in the family. However, you got the painting talent, and I well I sit back and watch. Love you!! You were going to send me your email address on yahoo. Guess that procrastination bug got you lol!

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