Sun Rise on Fall River

18x24 Arts For The Parks-04

The painting above, “Sun Rise on Fall River” was selected in 2004 as one of the Top 100 for the Arts For The Parks show. I’d tried two or three times before and had had no luck. The first notification you get is them telling you they’ve received your entry and it’s going to be something like 60 days before you know if you’re even in the running. That notification doesn’t make your heart rate go up but it’s nice to know they have it and it hasn’t been put up on a shelf at the post office in some out of the way place like Bird City, Kansas. (Yep! It’s there, way up in the north west corner.) Then ya wait! And ya try not to think about it.

Then like 60 days later you get this notice telling you whether you’ve gotten into the jury process or the other thing. The other thing being where they tell you to keep the piece and better luck next time and thanks for spending all that cash to let us see your less than Schmid art work. I’d received those sort of messages at least a couple of times but in 2004 I didn’t. I was told I’d been accepted into the show but I’d have to wait like 30 or 40 days to see if I would be juried into the 2nd hundred or into the TOP 100 and please check here if you’re willing to be in the 2nd 100. And everyone would know which 100 was which. Geez Louise. I went with thanks but no thanks.

I was at work. My wife was keeping an eye on the mail for me and we’d decided she could open the envelope when it came, then call. I’d be a basket case anyway and probably wouldn’t have opened the thing for days and days. But the call came and the lady who answers our phones at work brought out this little blue piece of paper and all it said was “you’re in the top 100”.

That was even worse! I couldn’t run through the shop screaming “I got in, I got in!” I couldn’t let myself pass out either and I knew I was dangerously close to hyperventilation. I’d end up embarrassing the crap out of myself if I didn’t get my lungs under control. So I held my breath until I was out the back door into the yard and I stood out there (breath in, breath out) for the several minutes it took for me to regain my composure.

This last week I decided “Sun Rise on Fall River” needed to be a Do Over. (click here for more do overs) I love the painting. It gave to me one of the most exciting moments of my painting career. I’m going to keep it and someday someone will inherit it. Still I couldn’t help thinking I could do better and what better time than nearly five years later to see if I can. You be the judge.

30x40 @99% complete (or so)

30x40 #1 30x40#2 30x40#3

12 Responses to “Sun Rise on Fall River”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    I love the warmth that emerges from your new version. Your composition and painting of the rocks and water and the reflections on the water are nicely done. I find it really instructive to go back and repeat a painting with perhaps a new eye or new techniques. Thank you for sharing.

  2. thanks Cynthia. You’re right, it is an eye opener going back and doing a piece over, even if it’s a pretty good one. It kinda gives me an idea of where I’ve been and where I’m ending up now. Sort of a check on growth.

  3. Hi Eldon, I liked the old one but the new ‘make over’ makes the painting exceptional in its warmth and appeal. Good work, my friend. Love to watch you grow.


  4. Hi Peg! Thanks. Good to hear from ya. Glad you’re still lookin. I kinda like the newer version too. You’ve jogged my memory as well. I’ll get you that list you had asked for.

  5. Hi Eldon,

    The new version is definitely more “you” and less everyone.
    They’re both absolutely wonderful, but I like the glints of red
    in the new one, the greater abstraction in the trees, and the
    water. You have probably been a great artist since you could

    Love your work.

    Be well,


  6. Hi Barbara, You’re always are so encouraging and positive. Thanks. I have to admit though, I aint no natural. I should have been 25 years ago where I am now. Better late than never I suppose. My wife says I’m stubborn :). Some times it’s a good thing, yes?

  7. Hi Eldon,

    I’m reading the book you sent me. If the people who started the CBR went
    by “should have” a whole bunch of kids wouldn’t have had their lives
    transformed. You are doing everything at exactly the right time.
    And I feel honoured to be allowed to see your process.

    Take care,


  8. Hi Barbara, Aint it the truth. Nothing would be what it is if it were not for what went before. What is aint bad.

  9. Eldon…we must both be on the same wavelength..I am in the middle of a do-over my self! I love the “new” one….it’s obviously got all the character and experience you have picked up since the first go round. Or as Barbara would say more you less everyone else. Your work is ALWAYS good from what I have seen…:)
    Take care,

  10. Hey Eldon,
    I think the revisit is a smashing success. The original has some nice qualities, but doesn’t feel like a sunrise. Then new has the color harmony of sunrise and sunset with the warms. I also think you’ve got a lot better technique now for handling rocks. I also like the simplification of the shapes in the background, Reads as stands of trees without over modelling or taking away the emphasis on the figures.

    See ya,
    Joshua Been

  11. Hi Theresa, I do a lot of do overs. It’s a sort of gauge I suppose. Most everyone seems to think the “new” one is a little better than the first and that’s good. We’d all hate to be going the wrong way. I wish everything I paint to be good but we both know how that story ends Huh? 🙂

  12. Hey Josh!! Great to hear from ya! Thanks, I’m happy ya like the “new” one. The original really is an ok painting but I always wondered how it made it thru into the top 100 in the arts for the parks show. Makes ya wonder huh, what those jurors would think now of the do over. Would they include it in the show or send it packin?
    Rocks? Rocks are hard to paint. I’ve always struggled with them.
    The days are gettin longer. Before ya know it we’ll be back in the field. Let’s pick a time and get something goin.

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