Wailing and Gnashing

Well here I am in front of the puter and I find myself doing nothing again. I may look for some reference material for a little bit but I doubt it turns into any real effort. It’ll take total necessity or huge inspiration to get me going this evening. I wonder if I’m part bear. This time of year all I want to do is take it easy and sleep as much as I can. Still I’m coming up short.

I told Debra the other night we need to have an adventure. Maybe go be a pirate or something. Not the modern kind of course but the Johnny Depp kind. Out of the question I suspect. I don’t know the first thing about swordsmanship, I seriously doubt my hair would be waxin flaxin after not having been washed for weeks and every attempt I’ve made at a mustache winds up looking like any square inch taken off the hiney of a possum. Scraggy. Too, I drank so much rum when I was younger (way) I still today can’t stomach the smell of an empty bottle. Sand rubs me the wrong way, if you know what I mean, and the ladies would be hanging out with tougher swashbucklers than yours truly.

I’m thinking though there ought to be some kind of adventure out there for guys like me. Something like traveling across Australia in a wheel chair. Playing with snakes is something I’ve  considered but I’ve kinda out grown that.  Here’s one! I’ll be an artist! Now there’s something that’s adventurous. It’ll get me outdoors and off to all sorts of exotic places. I can make bold choices. I’ll be free to say whatever I feel like saying as I’ve plenty of experience at brushworkmanship to back it up. (and I don’t need a mustache)

Tomorrow. I’m in dry dock today. 🙂


8x10 owned by my friend Clay8×10 owned by my friend Clay.


8 Responses to “Wailing and Gnashing”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    And a writer I see. You make me laugh — super writing, and a fantastic
    painting. Up here it’s something like 30 below with the wind chill. So I
    know what you mean about being a bear and hibernating. Watch out with that
    writing though. As a writing adventurer, you could end up sitting in publishers’ offices, waiting for your turn to go on at the Oprah show, cooking on TV with Martha Stewart, getting made up for photo ops with the new president.

    Then you’d probably wish you were slam bam back home curled up on the
    sofa in front of the TV with Debra, drinking hot chocolate and watching
    reruns of American Idol.

    Take care,


  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    Eldon, Two hints came to me when I was journaling this a.m. “Break your mold, your old patterns of doing things, by tackling something new.” Trying something new just for the thrill of it means you don’t have to do it “perfect”. The other quote is “discover new things like the old you.” We find the “old” joy in creating by coming at it in a new way. Sounds like an adventure to me! Vicki

  3. Gosh Eldon…you are hilarious!! These things really do come and go…once I was stuck for almost a year….went to Australia…tried to be a pirate but the tattooing and the kangaroos turned me off! Rats this sucks, Eldon, I feel for you….but I will tell you what a very successful artist friend told me…..Well, if you want to be an artist there will be days that you will have to force yourself to paint…ugh….I still hate the sound of that! But that is what I am doing this month….kind of forcing myself to pick up the brush….and organize the workshop I am giving….and the one I am participating in….and the show I have to get ready for…..and dreaming of an adventure in painting. Patience my friend it will be back!

  4. Eldon. ahhhhh, the human condition!!!

    When I was in commission sales years ago and felt deflated after a run of dead ends, feeling dejected and poopy, my very wise husband at that time used to say” every day is a good day for fishing but not every day is a good day for catching”.

    I liked it. It’s a simple truth, lets us go easy on ourselves and realize as Theresa has pointed out, that the moment will be back again.

    And who wouldn’t want to just hunker down when it’s very very cold and wintery.

    This was a delightfully funny post ( wheelchairs through Australia- really, how funny )

  5. Hi Barbara, Yeah I know. What good is an adventure if you don’t enjoy it. Maybe that’s when an adventure turns into something else like a night mare or something. Your comment caused me to remember there was a time when I thought I’d like to produce a best seller, write a top 10 song and paint a master piece before my life was over. I hadn’t thought about that for quite a while.

  6. Vicki, Thanks, Good idea, maybe it’s time to do that abstract piece I’ve been thinking about. The canvas is sitting right over there in the corner. Easy to pull out, put up on the easel and smear some paint around just for the fun of it. Yep, good idea.

  7. Hi Theresa, Oh I know it. I’ll have to push back into painting mode here real soon. I’ve got 4 galleries to get work to in the next few weeks. I’ve put up some work this winter but it’s never enough.

    I hadn’t even considered the tatoos. ouch! 🙂

  8. Hi Bonnie, Thanks. I know sometimes I go fishing and do no catching. That’s the way it is I suppose. I’ve already got some new fishing reference material all layed out so no doubt I’ll be catching again here soon. 🙂

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