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I love to paint snow.

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18x24 oil plein air

I just don’t care to paint out in it! 

This painting was done a few years ago when I was feeling the cabin fever and thought doing a little plein air work would do me good. I headed out to Coal Creek, one of my favorite places to paint.  This view is from under a bridge looking west. The 27 degree temperature wasn’t so bad but the wind whipping under the bridge felt like 27 below. The painting is 18×24 inches and stubbornly I shivered my way through the entire 432 square inches of it. There wasn’t enough clothes in the house to keep me warm that day though I’ve acquired some gear since that makes painting in the cold a little easier. Trouble is I think I’ve sworn off such Tom Foolery so it sits in the car waiting for a painting day that aint liable to happen.

Now!        This is also Coal Creek.      A real improvement no? And I’m not hiding under a bride to get the photograph, I’m standing on the bridge enjoying the warmth of a wonderful Spring day most likely with not the slightest remembering of my experience under it.

Coal Creek

And this is what I’m waiting for.  Seventy five degrees,a gentle breeze and some golden sunshine to warm my bones. Oh yeah!!

So for now I’m going to stay in and paint in the studio. I’m gonna get some real work done and stack up a big ole stack of paintings and if I can get through to spring without going totally bonkers I’ll throw my paint in the car and go do what I’ve been wanting to do all winter. Still it’s nice to know that cold weather gear is stashed in the back of the station wagon just in case I get frantic and do somethin silly.

On Coal Creek

It’s comin people!!!    EW


“It’s Always Somethin!”

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louden-ranch 10x20 oil

Well, made it through another week.  This little piece(10×20 inches) will no doubt become a larger painting  in the future. It came from one of a whole bunch of photographs I took at the Louden Ranch this last year when a bunch of us radical artists took it upon ourselves to protest the Pinon Canyon expansion project. We’re going to do it again this summer I understand and can hardly wait to get back to South Eastern Colorado to paint.

This painting becoming larger will have to wait for another month or so at least. We’re still working overtime and doing this small stuff is about all I have time for. There is an up side though. The time lapsed between one painting session and the next is allowing the painting to dry more than I’d normally let happen. As a result I’m doing a little more dry brush work. I’m having fun and am getting some nice effects. In the future I’ll probably do more of it so the work will change again a little bit. In the immortal words of Anna Rosanna Dana, “It’s always somethin.”  I love it!


So much work, so little time.

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12x16 oil on canvas

Just a note so you all don’t think I’ve faded away. After a nasty food poisoning (three days of being afraid I’d die and then being afraid I wouldn’t, complete with  I.V. ) and straight into a ten hour day and saturdays at work I’m finding almost no extra time to blog. Or paint much for that matter. But… Here’s a little one I’ve mustered last week. I’ll begin another pretty soon, probably tomorrow and will take a week or so to finish. Keep your fingers crossed I can come up with the time to get it done.

I’ve sent an entry to OPA. It’ll be a month probably before I hear if I’m in out not. I’ve been accepted the last two years so I’m now hoping for three. The big show is in Sante Fe this year and I’m thinking it would be good to go this time. Any way I’ll keep ya posted.

Click here boys and girls for the latest edition of Coni’s blog. Coni talks a little bit about value and some about her recent painting adventures in the Colorado mountains. I agree it’s all about value. Folks will forgive use of color but if the value is weak the painting probably is too. As to painting out in the Colorado mountains my rule is NOT before the first of June!  But hey, that’s just me.

Y’all take care. I’ll show up again soon, I just aint sure when.