So much work, so little time.

12x16 oil on canvas

Just a note so you all don’t think I’ve faded away. After a nasty food poisoning (three days of being afraid I’d die and then being afraid I wouldn’t, complete with  I.V. ) and straight into a ten hour day and saturdays at work I’m finding almost no extra time to blog. Or paint much for that matter. But… Here’s a little one I’ve mustered last week. I’ll begin another pretty soon, probably tomorrow and will take a week or so to finish. Keep your fingers crossed I can come up with the time to get it done.

I’ve sent an entry to OPA. It’ll be a month probably before I hear if I’m in out not. I’ve been accepted the last two years so I’m now hoping for three. The big show is in Sante Fe this year and I’m thinking it would be good to go this time. Any way I’ll keep ya posted.

Click here boys and girls for the latest edition of Coni’s blog. Coni talks a little bit about value and some about her recent painting adventures in the Colorado mountains. I agree it’s all about value. Folks will forgive use of color but if the value is weak the painting probably is too. As to painting out in the Colorado mountains my rule is NOT before the first of June!  But hey, that’s just me.

Y’all take care. I’ll show up again soon, I just aint sure when.



13 Responses to “So much work, so little time.”

  1. Goodness, Eldon, food poisoning!!!!! Nasty stuff and Im sure you felt horrible. I hope you are feeling better and better all the time. Lordy. Keep good care of yourself please.


  2. Hi Eldon,

    To tell you the truth I was getting mighty worried, and it turns out
    I was right. Food poisoning so bad you were on an IV! The distinct
    disadvantage of blog friendships sometimes is that you can’t help,
    or even know if your friend needs your help. This is a beautiful
    painting, and all I can do is send you my wishes for a very speedy
    and complete recovery.

    Take good care of yourself,


  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    Glad you are back on deck and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for Santa Fe. Maybe you’ll check out some of our Taos favorite places too. Loved the little painting. Vicki

  4. hi Peg, I’m doin better. Even doing a smidge of painting. One of these days it’ll be waaaaay behind me. Thanks,

  5. You’r right Barbara, and of course distance makes it harder still when something goes wrong on the other end of the monitor. Debra took very good care of me tho. What a girl huh?
    Glad you like the pic. I’ve another started and hope to find time to get it done this week. It’s small, only 10×20. I’ll keep ya posted.

  6. Thanks Vicki, glad you enjoyed the painting. Back on deck is a good way to put it. Seems like it takes longer than it used to. Anyway, here’s hopin we make Sante Fe this year.

  7. Hey Eldon

    I’m sorry about your food poisoning- sounds like it was pretty serious! I like your painting – it looks very fresh. Hey, when you make it to the OPA in Santa Fe you will have to stop on the way and paint with Coni and I – we’ll get you out into some great painting country. Hope you’re feeling better.. Sue

  8. Hi Sue!! Good to hear from ya! How are ya doin? I see you’ve been out there painting the frozen world. Not me yet, I’m a kind of a sissy.

    I’d love to come down and paint with you guys. I haven’t been there since I was 16 years old. I spent a summer building fence for a fella out of Mosca. Anyway I’d like to come back. I’ll keep ya posted on the OPA thing.

    stay in touch

  9. Oh yeah!, I’m better. I’ve had all that I need for this life time.

  10. Eldon, SO glad to hear you are back into the land of the living. I have been in GR Junc visiting my Dad who is 86 and on his last legs; saw some pretty scenery tho’. I’d like to paint there but this wasn’t the time.
    Thanks for the blog note and link. This piece – ‘so much work’. . . is so lovely. You really inspire me to stay INSIDE and put my nose to the grindstone. I have been trying to finish a couple of small (16×20) pieces in the studio – but when the chance to go out comes – I drop everything and discipline goes right out the window.
    I hope you are feeling better. Hearing Good news from the OPA would be a tonic, for sure. Good luck with that.
    – Coni

  11. Thank goodness you have survived! That’s pretty serious stuff Eldon…I was wondering …but I have also been a little preoccupied myself! This painting is a beauty…I wish I had painted it! Also good luck on your entry in OPA!! I keep thinking I should enter…but never do!

  12. Hi Coni, Yeah I’ve come through another brush with death. 🙂 At least it seemed that way. Better now.
    The blog link, my pleasure. It’s fun to put links in the blog then watch the stats to see where it takes us. Your name shows up in my stats nearly every day. Says something about the interest you generate. You do a nice blog and it’s always filled with really nice work and great thinking.
    OPA notifies this Friday I think. Cross yer fingers.

  13. Hi Theresa, Yes, survived. Tho I thought I’d die for a while then later wished I could.
    Seems there is so much that keeps us from our work. Sometimes it can’t be helped and sometimes we get in our own way. Gettin back at it is the important thing tho.
    I’ll keep ya posted on OPA. Give it a shot next year. I got total faith in ya.

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