“It’s Always Somethin!”

louden-ranch 10x20 oil

Well, made it through another week.  This little piece(10×20 inches) will no doubt become a larger painting  in the future. It came from one of a whole bunch of photographs I took at the Louden Ranch this last year when a bunch of us radical artists took it upon ourselves to protest the Pinon Canyon expansion project. We’re going to do it again this summer I understand and can hardly wait to get back to South Eastern Colorado to paint.

This painting becoming larger will have to wait for another month or so at least. We’re still working overtime and doing this small stuff is about all I have time for. There is an up side though. The time lapsed between one painting session and the next is allowing the painting to dry more than I’d normally let happen. As a result I’m doing a little more dry brush work. I’m having fun and am getting some nice effects. In the future I’ll probably do more of it so the work will change again a little bit. In the immortal words of Anna Rosanna Dana, “It’s always somethin.”  I love it!



6 Responses to ““It’s Always Somethin!””

  1. Beautiful,

    Happy Valentine’s Day Debra and Eldon!

    All the way from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Take Care,

    Barbara and Steven

  2. Isn’t it though……
    Nice piece Eldon. As always, great light. Just a note to let you know that I am still trying to reel in Steven on those two pieces from the gallery. I am nothing if not tenacious…..

    Keep smilin’ my friend, Derr

  3. Great light Eldon!! Dry brush is great…I found it when I saw some edges that were to sharp…and yes the paint was to dry to manipulate.. That place sure sounds like a great place to paint!!

  4. Thanks Barbara, Sounds like you had a good time on V-Day too. Aint it great gettin away like that? When this silly over time is over I’m looking to take a little time away too. I want to go back to Nebraska where I spent my first 7 or 8 years. No family there anymore, I just want to go paint.

  5. Hi Theresa, Thanks.
    It would be neat if I could give you a tour of some of my “south country”.
    Perhaps someday we could do that. I know you’d enjoy it. Just let me know if you have the opportunity to be in that part of the country.

  6. Doug, hey! Tenacious is a good word for you. 🙂 It’s said tenacious is to be in the state of tenac. Works fer me!! You go ahead and “reel” ole Steven in for us. The pieces are home now and will be dispersed soon. He will have to go quite a ways to get them and do the haggle thing all over I’m afraid. Or decide very soon we have made a most excellent offer already.
    Oh well…… 🙂

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