I love to paint snow.

18x24 oil plein air

I just don’t care to paint out in it! 

This painting was done a few years ago when I was feeling the cabin fever and thought doing a little plein air work would do me good. I headed out to Coal Creek, one of my favorite places to paint.  This view is from under a bridge looking west. The 27 degree temperature wasn’t so bad but the wind whipping under the bridge felt like 27 below. The painting is 18×24 inches and stubbornly I shivered my way through the entire 432 square inches of it. There wasn’t enough clothes in the house to keep me warm that day though I’ve acquired some gear since that makes painting in the cold a little easier. Trouble is I think I’ve sworn off such Tom Foolery so it sits in the car waiting for a painting day that aint liable to happen.

Now!        This is also Coal Creek.      A real improvement no? And I’m not hiding under a bride to get the photograph, I’m standing on the bridge enjoying the warmth of a wonderful Spring day most likely with not the slightest remembering of my experience under it.

Coal Creek

And this is what I’m waiting for.  Seventy five degrees,a gentle breeze and some golden sunshine to warm my bones. Oh yeah!!

So for now I’m going to stay in and paint in the studio. I’m gonna get some real work done and stack up a big ole stack of paintings and if I can get through to spring without going totally bonkers I’ll throw my paint in the car and go do what I’ve been wanting to do all winter. Still it’s nice to know that cold weather gear is stashed in the back of the station wagon just in case I get frantic and do somethin silly.

On Coal Creek

It’s comin people!!!    EW


7 Responses to “I love to paint snow.”

  1. Amen brother!!!

  2. Hey Doug, I’ll do my best to keep from doin somethin I’ll regret but if the right day comes along I’m all over it. Keep ya posted yeah?

  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    Painting out in the open on a warm (not too hot) day sounds heavenly….can’t wait! Vicki

  4. Hi Vicki! Yes it does! And those days aren’t all that far away. Painting out is like having a celebration in honor of sunshine. I’d like to fill my eyes with it. Let’s go as soon as we can.

  5. Hey Eldon,

    I’m with you brother. It is almost too cold out here to go from the front
    door to the car, and the wind! Whew. But we bought flowers today and
    they sure do cheer the place up. Beautiful painting you did in the snow, and gorgeous photos. What you need is a travelling studio — a big, warm van with windows, so you could just settle down and work anywhere, any time. One of the women in our art club paints in her car year ’round.

    Take care,


  6. Hi Barbara, you’re totally right. I need a place to paint out that’s not “out”! Last summer one of the prizes I won in the Estes Park Plein Air was a 6×8 gorilla paint box. I’ll bet I can build something where I can mount the thing over the passenger seat in the car and do some small stuff in the snow. Well sorta in the snow. Something with three legs, one for the door handle, one for the gear shift and a third for the cup holder. I do think I can make that work. Thanks for a great idea.

    It’s not as cold here as it is where you are. I’m a pretty good whiner as you may have found already and anything that’s not comfortable gives rise to me being a sissy about it. Today was about 50 degrees and I still didn’t want to go. 🙂

  7. Hey Eldon, I love to paint snow as well but this year I just haven’t been as “gung-ho” to get outside as I was last year- maybe I’m aging- or yet, maybe I’m getting smarter, oh yeah definitely smarter.

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