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Yup! Zactly!!

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12x16 oil on canvas

Well boys and girls next Friday is First Friday and I get to be “the”  artist guy for the evening  then Ron, gallery owner, will hang all this new stuff for a month at Earthwood Gallery in Boulder. I’ve been a little bit scarce trying to get all done that I need to do so I haven’t been poking around in everyone elses blog like I normally do. Sorry bout that, I’ll get ketched up here soon.

The painting of the scare crow above is my offering of painting out side the landscape box. It’ll probably be the painting where everyone will say, “Boy! That’s different for you!”  Yup! Zactly!!    🙂  Sometimes I gotta do something along some other line. Keeps me interested. No title yet.

18x24 oil on canvas

This painting of the road (go figure) is a remake of a plein air piece from a couple of years ago. It’s 18×24 inches and the plein air is 12×16. The original was done on one of those warm winter days where everyone comes out of the wood work to experience the warmth because they’re so darn tired of the cold. I met a lot of nice people that day since every one was happy and didn’t mind stopping to tell me what  a nice day it was. I didn’t have the heart to tell em I already had it figured out. 🙂  It’s for the show too. It’s titled “On a Winter Road”.

12x16 oil on canvas

“Sun Spots” above is another for the show. It’s a 12×16 plein air from last summer. I was keeping it for something, wasn’t sure what, until now. There are going to be 15 or 16 paintings for the show, one painting from the old stuff , “Sun Light and Shadow”, a 30 x40 from an earlier post in this blog and anything I get get done and dry by Tuesday. Or close to dry.

18x24 oil on canvas

And last but not least “The People Who Live In The Red House”. Another I’ve been saving for just the right thing. It’s a much better painting in person and is one of my favorites. I got totally into the brush with this one. 🙂                        I wish I could get them all into this post but time and space are going to keep this post pretty short.  The date for First Friday this month in the 3rd of April. There is a link to the Earthwood Galleries in the blog, upper right. Take a look and then come see us if you can.



It’s not exactly the second half

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12x16 plein air oil

Well, it’s evident I haven’t finished the painting from yesterdays blog. Geez Louise, it was 75 degrees here today!  I just couldn’t put myself in the studio to finish a painting I’m not crazy about. And to tell the truth this painting aint no master piece either, but it can be. A couple of things: first it’s the first plein air of the year (I’m rusty) and second it needs to be a lot bigger so I could have the fun I wanted to with it (I’m thinking 18×24) and third it lacks what my friend Rob Foster calls the human element. That human element, in the rework of this view, will be Vicki.


 12x16 plein air

On my way out to paint I called Vicki and invited her to join me at the little reserve that so faithfully provides me with subject matter no matter what. She declined. Bummer, but I’m on my way and nothing is going to get in the way of 75 degrees and cabin fever. Not even the easy chair was enough of a distraction to keep me home today. I was just getting into this one and who shows. Jim and Vicki Barton. Way cool. The afternoon went instantly from the sound of brush on canvas to a lively conversation about everything and I in the process was benefited by a critique and guidance the entire time. I know they went home with paint on their fingers as close and involved as we got with this painting. It couldn’t have been a more enjoyable time.

the reserve

Please note the green grass. It’s comin people!!


Mo green!

See ya next saturday!!


How To Know When You’ve Really Made It

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My friend Vicki warned me. She told me I’d get way too used to sitting in my new recliner. That I’d get lazy and put on weight, that I’d get even less work done than I used too. But ooooooh! It’s such a chair. It’s all over stuffed and lays way back and I sink in and feel like king of the house. (even tho deep down in my dark little heart I know I aint) Still I feel like I’ve finally made it. I’ve got my own chair, space that’s mine all mine, and I can order people out of it if I want to. (or if I’m feelin lucky)   🙂        It’s a guy thing I guess.

16x20 oil on canvas

And that’s why I can only show you half a painting tonight. I took it a little easy today. Spent too much time sitting and putting on weight.


I “wanted” to get up and get down here and get to work but by the time I made it to my easel it was a little late to get much done. I feel a little guilty. I’ve got so much to do. The show at Earthwood Gallery is coming up. There’s a bunch of work to do for The Squash Blossom Gallery in June and I need 6 to 10 pieces for my friend Willard Louden, also in June.

Oh, and the commission piece.

16x20 oil on canvas

My palette is severely limited for this piece. I took everything off except for White, Cadmium Yellow pale, Bright Red (by Windsor Newton) and Ultramarine Blue.

Well…..the Sap Green I left on too because I’m rather dependent on it but so far I’ve managed to stay out of it. I was a little nervous, too, about getting rid of the Yellow Ochre but found I could get a passable ochre using Cad Yellow, Bright Red and White. So for what it’s worth, here it is, half a painting. I’ll get up early in the morning and see about getting it finished and will post the final steps tomorrow. Trouble is I have to walk right by my new easy chair to get to the door to my studio. I can do it, I know I can. 



Dancing With a Sore Foot

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Well……..It’s Saturday night. My friend Gretchen (and fellow artist) is probably out dancing. I am not. Gretchen is probably having a wonderful evening out where the lights are bright and the crowds are huddled together in the clubs, laughing and toasting each other for what ever happy things they’ve done of late. Sounds like a wonderful thing.         

No really, I mean it!        It’s been a long time since I’ve been out dancing. A very long time.

30x40 oil on canvas

But I find myself here writing this Saturday night blog, not upset at all that I’m not somewhere rockin out and staying up way too late spending energy that seems so dang hard to come by. And I enjoy my Saturday night in front of the puter doing another post about something I love to do. And if I wasn’t in front of the puter right now I’d be in front of the easel.

step 2 30x40 0il on canvas

Besides I aint to much of a dancer. Never found a lot of enjoyment there. (no offense Gretchen)  And besides, watching me “puttin on the dog” you’d swear I was dancing with a sore foot.

step 3 30x40 oil 0n canvas

I got a bit of a reprieve from the over time this last week. I was dancing.  I danced right down here to my studio (the one place where a sore foot wouldn’t stop me) and got to work on this 30×40 for my upcoming show at the Earthwood Gallery in Boulder. I’ll be doing the first Friday (April 3rd) event then I’ll be hanging some work for a month or so as the featured artist. Yer all invited.

Step 4 30x40 oil on canvas

By now I’d guess you all know how much I dig painting the back roads. I grew up running up and down these roads and skinny dipping in the farmers ditch. I walked the rail road tracks and spent a lot of time roaming the prairie. It’s no wonder I paint the subjects I do.

step 5 30x40 oil on canvas

It’s where I come from.

step 6 30x40 oil on canvas

And a view down an old dusty back road inspires me to paint it.

step 7 30x40 oil on canvas

And share it with you on Saturday night.

step 8 30x40 oil on canvas

By the way. That white mail box is dead center. How much does that bother ya?     🙂  twinkle!

Home Coming

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Wow! I finally got a Saturday off. I spent it going to Estes Park and delivering a dozen paintings to my gallery there, Earthwood Collections.

I brought home a bunch of them that have been accumulating there for quite a while. 19 of them to be specific. And some of them are very very nice pieces. I’m glad to have them home.

18x24 oil on canvas

“South of Jackson”  One of my favorite pieces. Done from a photo taken the year I was lucky enough get into the Arts For The Parks show. 2004?  We made a trip to Jackson to see the show and this was the show nature was showing us. I can’t believe this one hasn’t found a home.  Maybe it has.  

18x24 oil on canvas

“The Hush of Winter”, above, is one I brought home today. It is yet another version of my favorite place to paint when I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park. The river is Fall River and this stand of trees is just around the corner from the turn off into Endo Valley. Some of you are going to know right where this is. I’ve done this little patch of pine trees at least a dozen times from one view or another and I’ve no doubt I’ll do another dozen. Yes it was cold but I was only out in it long enough to take a photograph.

18x24 oil on canvas

And last but not least ladies and gentlemen for your viewing pleasure!! (I used to think I wanted to be a Carnie) “Sunset In Black Forest”.  From an area south of here near Colorado Springs. It’s up a dirt road and over a hill some where east of I-25. That’s about all I remember about where this is. A nice record, though, of where I was one warm day a year or two ago.

Anyway for what it’s worth, these paintings have made it back home. I thought you might enjoy seeing them as much as I have.


When Yer Havin Fun

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oil, 12x16 "Last of the Shadows"

Has another week gone by? Geez Louise how time flies when yer having fun.

But I’m thinking I missed something because here it is Saturday night and I don’t really remember having any fun. I suppose if I were to think about it for a while I’ll come up with a memory of something that could have been fun. It won’t be easy, though, as my next thought eludes me much of the time and my memory, being the first to have gone, lies to me as often as not.

Anyway, how would I recognize something as fun if I’m not even sure what fun is. To help me figure that out I guess it would be good to have a real working definition of “fun”. With out going to the dictionary my memory of “fun” tells me it has to do with a slobbering, screaming, euphoric, all out expenditure of energy mixed with a bit of the unknown and laced with at least the slightest amount of danger. All at the same time!

Looking back on this past week, I remember the slobbering totally and even a little screaming. No wait, I wanted to scream but didn’t. No fun. Euphoria was at an all time low as I recall but the expenditure of energy was a constant. (As is the unknown.) Antagonizing my wife held a certain amount of danger but she managed to consider the source and there was no screaming so I’m guessing she had no fun either. Anyway not much of it was happening in conjunction with anything else I’d listed within my definition of fun so….Why did this week pass so quickly?

Well, the painting above is kinda fun isn’t it?