How To Know When You’ve Really Made It

My friend Vicki warned me. She told me I’d get way too used to sitting in my new recliner. That I’d get lazy and put on weight, that I’d get even less work done than I used too. But ooooooh! It’s such a chair. It’s all over stuffed and lays way back and I sink in and feel like king of the house. (even tho deep down in my dark little heart I know I aint) Still I feel like I’ve finally made it. I’ve got my own chair, space that’s mine all mine, and I can order people out of it if I want to. (or if I’m feelin lucky)   🙂        It’s a guy thing I guess.

16x20 oil on canvas

And that’s why I can only show you half a painting tonight. I took it a little easy today. Spent too much time sitting and putting on weight.


I “wanted” to get up and get down here and get to work but by the time I made it to my easel it was a little late to get much done. I feel a little guilty. I’ve got so much to do. The show at Earthwood Gallery is coming up. There’s a bunch of work to do for The Squash Blossom Gallery in June and I need 6 to 10 pieces for my friend Willard Louden, also in June.

Oh, and the commission piece.

16x20 oil on canvas

My palette is severely limited for this piece. I took everything off except for White, Cadmium Yellow pale, Bright Red (by Windsor Newton) and Ultramarine Blue.

Well…..the Sap Green I left on too because I’m rather dependent on it but so far I’ve managed to stay out of it. I was a little nervous, too, about getting rid of the Yellow Ochre but found I could get a passable ochre using Cad Yellow, Bright Red and White. So for what it’s worth, here it is, half a painting. I’ll get up early in the morning and see about getting it finished and will post the final steps tomorrow. Trouble is I have to walk right by my new easy chair to get to the door to my studio. I can do it, I know I can. 




4 Responses to “How To Know When You’ve Really Made It”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Fight…fight for control. Those chairs are persistent. It is fun that you are experimenting with a limited palette and I’ll be anxious to see the finish. Vicki

  2. Hi Vicki!! Thanks for the encouragment. I’m gonna need it. I can hear it calling my name as I write this. Anyway I’d just as soon blame the chair but alas, the problem lies with the sitter. 🙂

  3. Hi Eldon,

    We have one of those chairs at the school house in Nova Scotia.
    They are dangerous!!! It’s hard to leave the chair to go to the
    beach, dinner at a restaurant, or even to see friends.

    I’m glad the chair released you to the start of a great painting. I love
    the discussion that goes with each step too.

    Thanks bad chair, for letting Eldon paint.

  4. Yes Barbara, bad chair!! Bad, bad chair! 🙂 I’m thinkin “bad chair support group”. I knew you guys would understand.:)

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