It’s not exactly the second half

12x16 plein air oil

Well, it’s evident I haven’t finished the painting from yesterdays blog. Geez Louise, it was 75 degrees here today!  I just couldn’t put myself in the studio to finish a painting I’m not crazy about. And to tell the truth this painting aint no master piece either, but it can be. A couple of things: first it’s the first plein air of the year (I’m rusty) and second it needs to be a lot bigger so I could have the fun I wanted to with it (I’m thinking 18×24) and third it lacks what my friend Rob Foster calls the human element. That human element, in the rework of this view, will be Vicki.


 12x16 plein air

On my way out to paint I called Vicki and invited her to join me at the little reserve that so faithfully provides me with subject matter no matter what. She declined. Bummer, but I’m on my way and nothing is going to get in the way of 75 degrees and cabin fever. Not even the easy chair was enough of a distraction to keep me home today. I was just getting into this one and who shows. Jim and Vicki Barton. Way cool. The afternoon went instantly from the sound of brush on canvas to a lively conversation about everything and I in the process was benefited by a critique and guidance the entire time. I know they went home with paint on their fingers as close and involved as we got with this painting. It couldn’t have been a more enjoyable time.

the reserve

Please note the green grass. It’s comin people!!


Mo green!

See ya next saturday!!



6 Responses to “It’s not exactly the second half”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    It was so beautiful at the Reserve. Time for pleinair is critical !Peace and quiet reminds us of “divine order” and laughter doesn’t hurt either. I’ll be ready for the next invite. My gear is packed. Vicki

  2. Nice start Eldon!! But I know the feeling when you’re just not that into it. I might have pushed the contrast a little more and made use of that fabulous tree and all the positive and negative shapes made by the tree line. I would get out and paint as it is warm here too except that it is windier than heck here today. There is a front coming in! Your paintings always have a freedom about them that I really like!!

  3. Vicki, it was great having the company too. We had a lot of fun musing over this one. I guess it’s going to be cold this week but it’ll warm up again. I’ll keep ya posted.

  4. Hi Theresa, good to hear from you. 🙂 I’m in agreement, I need to approach both of these last two pieces differently. Maybe I’ll get a bit more into it. I’ve already got a canvas up to start a re-do of the plein air.

    Windy here today too but yesterday was nearly perfect. When the wind comes up about all I can do is go home. A canvas makes such a great sail.

  5. I understand the paint schooner Eldon!! i know you will succeed so I have passed on the Passion for Painting award to you! Check my blog for details!!
    You are so darn inspiring!

  6. Hi Eldon,

    I too have given you the Passion for Painting award because you are one
    of my favorite painters, and a friend, so I couldn’t leave you off my list.
    You’ve won twice. I think your work is wonderful.

    Take care,


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