Yup! Zactly!!

12x16 oil on canvas

Well boys and girls next Friday is First Friday and I get to be “the”  artist guy for the evening  then Ron, gallery owner, will hang all this new stuff for a month at Earthwood Gallery in Boulder. I’ve been a little bit scarce trying to get all done that I need to do so I haven’t been poking around in everyone elses blog like I normally do. Sorry bout that, I’ll get ketched up here soon.

The painting of the scare crow above is my offering of painting out side the landscape box. It’ll probably be the painting where everyone will say, “Boy! That’s different for you!”  Yup! Zactly!!    🙂  Sometimes I gotta do something along some other line. Keeps me interested. No title yet.

18x24 oil on canvas

This painting of the road (go figure) is a remake of a plein air piece from a couple of years ago. It’s 18×24 inches and the plein air is 12×16. The original was done on one of those warm winter days where everyone comes out of the wood work to experience the warmth because they’re so darn tired of the cold. I met a lot of nice people that day since every one was happy and didn’t mind stopping to tell me what  a nice day it was. I didn’t have the heart to tell em I already had it figured out. 🙂  It’s for the show too. It’s titled “On a Winter Road”.

12x16 oil on canvas

“Sun Spots” above is another for the show. It’s a 12×16 plein air from last summer. I was keeping it for something, wasn’t sure what, until now. There are going to be 15 or 16 paintings for the show, one painting from the old stuff , “Sun Light and Shadow”, a 30 x40 from an earlier post in this blog and anything I get get done and dry by Tuesday. Or close to dry.

18x24 oil on canvas

And last but not least “The People Who Live In The Red House”. Another I’ve been saving for just the right thing. It’s a much better painting in person and is one of my favorites. I got totally into the brush with this one. 🙂                        I wish I could get them all into this post but time and space are going to keep this post pretty short.  The date for First Friday this month in the 3rd of April. There is a link to the Earthwood Galleries in the blog, upper right. Take a look and then come see us if you can.



10 Responses to “Yup! Zactly!!”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    We hope you have a great show! The sunshine paintings will be a welcome sight. Vicki

  2. Hi Eldon,

    Congratulations on your show. I think you are the artist guy every
    day. I like the Scarecrow, and the landscape paintings. Plus your
    writing is brilliant — always right to the point and funny. A winning

    I hope you sell everything, which is what you deserve.

    Take care,


  3. Hey Vicki!! Thanks, I hope we’re not snowed out this next friday. The extended forcast says we’re gonna get it. Oh well, quiet is good too I guess.

  4. Thanks Barbara, you are total encouragment. I’ll do my best to be the artist guy and if I sell everything I’ll buy ya somethin. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes.

  5. Hope all your ” roads ” lead to recognition, sales and fun.
    It’s always interesting to see how you begin your underpaintings and I for one, never get tired of looking down paths that lead somewhere.

  6. Vicki Barton Says:

    We made it! We beat the snow and visited Earthwoods to see the new paintings. Seeing Eldon’s work up close and personal allows you to enjoy the rich colors and brushwork as one should. Eldon writes that he hopes to capture the viewer’s attention and trigger memories of a similar location or moment in time. Many of these paintings hit the spot. I enjoyed Sun Spot even more than I thought I would. Don’t miss a chance to warm up with sunfilled landscapes. Vicki

  7. The People Who Live In The Red House is a stunner and the scarecrow makes me drool …oops not pretty I know! To me you really hit the mark with brushwork on these two…but I love everything you do. Wish I was close enough to have seen everything in person. Sell ’em all…you should they are fantastic!

  8. Hi Bonnie! I was in your blog this morning. I certainly have not tired of it. And I am anxious to see what shakes out of the work shop. I know we’re all gonna dig seeing it. Please keep us posted.
    And what is it with these roads for me? I’ll have to see a shrink I think.:)

  9. Vicki, Thanks for the kind words. I’m really happy you guys came up to see us. It made the evening. Rained and snowed after you left. It really got quiet then.:) Oh well, them’s the breaks! 🙂

  10. Hello Theresa, really glad you like the scare crow. Ended up titling it “Ragamuffin”. For the most part folks either really liked it or really didn’t. It was fun and it was different. Like that new one in your blog.

    Hey Everyone!!! To anyone reading this, click on Theresa’s icon above and get over there and see this latest painting. You’ll see few paintings as beautifully done as this one.

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