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So Much Fun

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I had so much fun with this one I spaced taking photos of the  

20x10 drawing on canvas

image as I painted. So……… this series goes right from drawing on the canvas to a nearly finished painting of three flowers. (That’s why I included in my last post,  “Practice”,  the series from the study for this painting.) So……… it may seem this series is more about painting a back ground than painting floweres though that wasn’t my intention. And in the finished painting there are some interesting edges that, as it  turns out, seem to me to be perhaps the most important part of making this painting work. If your computer has the option of blowing these images up you’ll see what I mean.


Any way, take a look at the “Practice” post and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the way these guys came together.


It’s never my intent to simply copy what I’m looking at whether I’m painting from life or from my computer screen here at home. I’ll change things and manipulate until I get what I’m after. I’ll place a dark where I believe it really needs to be or I’ll pick color that seem to work best so I am able to say what I’m wanting to say. More often than not I spend more time paying attention to what’s on the canvas than I do to what ever it is I’m using for a guide. (A lot of  fun can be had by recording a first impression on to the canvas then turning 180 degrees to finish a painting.)


But when I get stuck and I’m having a hard time deciding what I need to do next I go back to my subject for clues. And I always seem to find what’s right. Something will tell me what I’ve got to do to move on. And as soon as I  get going again I’ll go back to doing it my way.

#5I love it!!




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I’m bloggin twice this week end. This quick little post (the first of the two) has a short series of steps taken on a practice painting of an Iris. It’s done on an 8×10 canvas and the list of colors used is pretty short. If you click to enlarge notice the edges, especially those near the top. I found, for me , edges are the key to paintings these guys. It was a lot of fun and something different. Something I need now and then.

Colors:  Cad Yellow Pale, Cad Orange, Bright Red, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green and White.



8x10 pencil drawing on canvas

8x10 practice oil sketch#3



I like the way they kind of look at ya.    🙂


Old One New One

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16x20 oil on canvas

This weeks painting. (Actually it’s one of three.) I didn’t get the progression on this one because I had to share the camera. Debra got to spend three days in Vail so the camera was away doing other things. Lucky girl, I had to work.

When finishing this one up it reminded of a painting I’d done five or six years ago. I called it Bear Creek August. Its the same size, 16×20, as the new one above and after spending quite a bit of time searching for it and getting it dug out I thought everyone might enjoy comparing.  I just found it interesting to see a painting from the past and a painting just done  have so much in common when I thought I’d changed so much. Is this new one a throw back or was Bear Creek August ahead of it’s time. Probably neither and probably it makes no difference.  They are what they are and I’m happy with both of them.

16x20 oil on canvas

Below is the start of some Iris. I’ll post the finish next week. For now (once I get this sent) I’m heading up to sleep. This weather, I think, makes me tired.  🙂


20x10 oil on Canvas

What The Heck Was I Thinkin?!! :)

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Most of the painters who read this post will probably relate.

12x16 oil on canvas

Every once in a while we have to prove  to ourselves that we have even a smidgen of talent. A run of bad luck, whether it’s bad days or poor choices, leaves us with a twisted face wondering what the heck were we thinkin! We think we “had” it once (maybe) and it aint never coming back. Let the wailing and gnashing commence! 


Taking a step forward leaves us with a feeling of confidence that, perhaps finally, we’ve paid our dues to the art world. We’ve arrived one more time so those big guys just as well move over and make a little room for the latest talent.


A run of poor luck has just the opposite effect.


And we work and sweat and muddle around trying to resurrect one painting after another until we’re totally sure we’ve been kiddin ourselves. (perhaps for years)  We throw good paint after bad. We think another piece of paint in just the right place or a stroke born of geniuse is going to pull an entire painting together. Then in the end we (I do anyway) wipe and scrape until what we were trying to do is unrecognizable and the canvas becomes a square frisbee that careens wildly off the neighbors picket fence!!!


I could turn this studio into a nice den or put some wieghts down here and get back into shape like I used to be. I wouldn’t have to deal with the framer any more and I’d most likely have a little more money in the bank. You’d think we’d learn our lesson and retire from this business of painting.


But we don’t do we?  Because we keep at it until something turns around and we can feel good about what we’re doing again.


Then its:     What?!!  Quit?!!  What the heck was I thinkin?!! Aint it great when a plan comes together?  🙂 It aint no Schmid but it aint bad.


Oh well,them’s the breaks

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18x24 oil on canvas

Last night’s opening was great! We didn’t have a huge crowd (thanks to Mr. Weather) but the one we had was awesome. I met some really nice folks and actually had the time to visit with them at length and I think I’ve made a few new friends. Ladies and gentlemen please meet Carolyn Ingalls, Kema M Berry, Ivan, and Kate. Four very nice people from our opening!  My friend Vicki and her husband Jim dropped in and the Saturday night “dancer” Gretchen also graced the proceedings with her presence. Ron and Ann (gallery owners) put out some killer eats and some wonderful wine for everyone. I enjoyed myself totally of course. 

The painting above is a plein air done this last fall at, you guessed it, the reserve. I had put it up, not being totally sure of it, and pulled it out this afternoon. I found there are a couple of things I’m sure about with this piece. The brush work and some of the under painting.

detail from 18x24 oil on canvas

This detail shows the energy in the brush work and that’s what I like about it. It was painted pretty quickly so I had little time to spend thinking about application. It just went on and I made very few changes. Spontaneous I guess. They say that’s good. 🙂 Isn’t it a Schmidism that says there are two things that will ruin a painting for sure. One is unbridled enthusiasm and the other is being to careful. Or something like that but you get the idea. There is usually a middle ground were the best work takes place. Sometimes getting to that place isn’t easy.

mo detail

Another plus this painting has going for it is the way the underpainting shows through. I used the usual Bright Red drawing but added a lot of Ultramarine Blue. It left me with some nice warm colors showing through as well as some cooler color too. And in some areas there was this nice violet mixture. I have to admit, too, I like the figures. The game is rendering these guys with as few brush strokes as possible.

mo detail still

This view shows pretty well how few strokes of color it took to get these folks into the painting. The tall guy would probably not care for  having such a pointed head but, oh well, them’s the breaks.


An Invitation!!

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You and your guests are invited to Earthwood Gallery on Friday, April 3rd for our First Friday Reception featuring award winning Colorado-based impressionist oil painter Eldon Warren.  
Friday, April 3rd, 6 PM to 9 PM
Earthwood Gallery
1412 Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, CO
Featured Event and Artists:
A Boulder First Friday show opening party featuring Colorado-based impressionist oil painter Eldon Warren.
Eldon is an award winning Colorado-based oil painter whose impressionist style is all about bigger brush strokes, softer edges and less detail that allows him to capture the essence of his subjects without saying too much.  Eldon says that “when someone looks at one of my paintings, I’d like them to be able to add their experience to what I’ve done and feel the small tug inside that says, I think I’ve been there.”  Making that connection is what truly makes him happy.

Join us for hors d’oeurves and refreshments, meet Eldon, hear the stories behind his work.     

We look forward to seeing you at the party on Friday night!

Ron & Ann Wilcocks, Gallery Owners

16x20 oil

I thought you’d enjoy seeing some more of the stuff in this show. The painting above is the award winner from the plein air event last summer and the painting below is from a paint trip with Doug Martin. Froze my heinie off as I remember. 
12x16 oil/plein air
“Sun Rise at Willards Place” 10×20  (this one needs to be repainted large) from last October in S.E. Colorado.