Oh well,them’s the breaks

18x24 oil on canvas

Last night’s opening was great! We didn’t have a huge crowd (thanks to Mr. Weather) but the one we had was awesome. I met some really nice folks and actually had the time to visit with them at length and I think I’ve made a few new friends. Ladies and gentlemen please meet Carolyn Ingalls, Kema M Berry, Ivan, and Kate. Four very nice people from our opening!  My friend Vicki and her husband Jim dropped in and the Saturday night “dancer” Gretchen also graced the proceedings with her presence. Ron and Ann (gallery owners) put out some killer eats and some wonderful wine for everyone. I enjoyed myself totally of course. 

The painting above is a plein air done this last fall at, you guessed it, the reserve. I had put it up, not being totally sure of it, and pulled it out this afternoon. I found there are a couple of things I’m sure about with this piece. The brush work and some of the under painting.

detail from 18x24 oil on canvas

This detail shows the energy in the brush work and that’s what I like about it. It was painted pretty quickly so I had little time to spend thinking about application. It just went on and I made very few changes. Spontaneous I guess. They say that’s good. 🙂 Isn’t it a Schmidism that says there are two things that will ruin a painting for sure. One is unbridled enthusiasm and the other is being to careful. Or something like that but you get the idea. There is usually a middle ground were the best work takes place. Sometimes getting to that place isn’t easy.

mo detail

Another plus this painting has going for it is the way the underpainting shows through. I used the usual Bright Red drawing but added a lot of Ultramarine Blue. It left me with some nice warm colors showing through as well as some cooler color too. And in some areas there was this nice violet mixture. I have to admit, too, I like the figures. The game is rendering these guys with as few brush strokes as possible.

mo detail still

This view shows pretty well how few strokes of color it took to get these folks into the painting. The tall guy would probably not care for  having such a pointed head but, oh well, them’s the breaks.



10 Responses to “Oh well,them’s the breaks”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    I do enjoy the “purple” accents peeking through and must admit envy the the free brush strokes. Those are probably a few years down the road for me but we can hope. This composition lets the viewer’s eyes saunter back and forth between the shapes…kind of like actually walking the reserve. Fun, Vicki

  2. Hi Vicki, I thought you might like that color. 🙂 I’m gearing up to redo the piece from last time we were there. Cross yer fingers please. I’d like to do the Bright Red Ultramarine thing but after that I think I may paint with a plastic bag. Now we can really cross our fingers.

  3. A super painting Eldon, and I really like your explanations of what
    you do. Fantastic work. I’m glad the opening went well, and sorry
    the weather wasn’t better.

    Take care,


  4. Hi Barbara, Thanks, glad you like it. It does have some strengths. Regardless a good painting or something else It was a great day painting.

    Weather is as weather does right? Ya win some, ya lose some and some get rained out. 🙂
    keep smilin!!

  5. Fascinating brushwork to create people – and a dog! Thanks.

  6. My pleasure Rick. I’m thinking I’ll do a really short video and demo a few of these figures. Sound like a good idea? Think positive, see ya in August!! 🙂

  7. Eldon, I so love this-
    the red, the blue, creating a visual violet,
    and the delicious brushwork; but my favorite part
    – is the dog.
    You rock!
    – C

  8. Hi Coni!! good to hear from you. I kinda liked the dog too. Thanks for saying so. It’s amazing how 2 or 3 or 4 strokes can become our favorite part of a whole painting. That’s how I feel about the branches of the fore ground tree in the painting I have of yours. It’s all nice but the effect in those branches……..yup!

  9. I think it is beautiful….the brushwork is exquisite….yowzer…the dog is sweet!!!

  10. Thanks, I’ll be totally happy when I can handle a brush like you do tho.
    this last painting of Barbara’s kitchen is chocked full of strokes of genius. Most awesome.

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