Old One New One

16x20 oil on canvas

This weeks painting. (Actually it’s one of three.) I didn’t get the progression on this one because I had to share the camera. Debra got to spend three days in Vail so the camera was away doing other things. Lucky girl, I had to work.

When finishing this one up it reminded of a painting I’d done five or six years ago. I called it Bear Creek August. Its the same size, 16×20, as the new one above and after spending quite a bit of time searching for it and getting it dug out I thought everyone might enjoy comparing.  I just found it interesting to see a painting from the past and a painting just done  have so much in common when I thought I’d changed so much. Is this new one a throw back or was Bear Creek August ahead of it’s time. Probably neither and probably it makes no difference.  They are what they are and I’m happy with both of them.

16x20 oil on canvas

Below is the start of some Iris. I’ll post the finish next week. For now (once I get this sent) I’m heading up to sleep. This weather, I think, makes me tired.  🙂


20x10 oil on Canvas


6 Responses to “Old One New One”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    Both paintings, and the Iris start are great. Have you changed? Well the paintings are very different. But then the time of year is also different. The verdant green on your new one is beauty.

    Take care,


  2. Clay Hinman Says:

    She’s right to notice the difference in colors. There is a significant difference in hues and tones. Are we talking spring fever here? The iris is a confirmation of something I’d suspected all along. Unlike some artists who get locked into everything looking like the same painting over and over… We’ve seen summer scenes, winter scenes, dry landscapes, water, old barns, houses, abandoned cars, people, and more… in your paintings. The iris is a further confirmation that you aren’t afraid to take things further than you’ve been before. I’m intrigued.

    Nice. Very nice.


  3. Hello Barbara, 🙂 I’m happy you like them. It’s always good to hear ideas about my stuff from painters I admire. You AND your work seem to be top notch and always interesting. Thanks for still looking at the site and the comments you leave here.

  4. Hey Clay! Always a pleasure to hear from ya. Spring fever? Maybe….
    We got our dose of spring this last couple of days, yeah? 54 inches of snow just west of here. Whoa!
    I’m thinking of turning a photo of an old VW into a painting here soon. I found Leroy Turners old bug and took a photo. I’ll send it over if you like.
    I love doing the landscapes because it allows me the opportunity to show folks how really beautiful I believe the world to be but every now and then I have to make at least a small break from them. I’ve even done a few paintings of flowers over the years but not many. Maybe I’ll post a few of them soon in honor of spring.

  5. Eldon, as always both paintings are fabulous! Can’t wait to see the iris, one of my favorite to paint. Nancy

  6. Hi Nancy, really nice hearing from you. Thanks, glad you like this pair. They’re several years apart but I see a lot of the same thing in each of them. Maybe it’s just the mood or maybe the brush work, something any way.
    Also there’s a 3 or 4 photo progression to go with the Iris. I think you’ll enjoy them. Till Saturday,
    Keep Smilin!

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