So Much Fun

I had so much fun with this one I spaced taking photos of the  

20x10 drawing on canvas

image as I painted. So……… this series goes right from drawing on the canvas to a nearly finished painting of three flowers. (That’s why I included in my last post,  “Practice”,  the series from the study for this painting.) So……… it may seem this series is more about painting a back ground than painting floweres though that wasn’t my intention. And in the finished painting there are some interesting edges that, as it  turns out, seem to me to be perhaps the most important part of making this painting work. If your computer has the option of blowing these images up you’ll see what I mean.


Any way, take a look at the “Practice” post and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the way these guys came together.


It’s never my intent to simply copy what I’m looking at whether I’m painting from life or from my computer screen here at home. I’ll change things and manipulate until I get what I’m after. I’ll place a dark where I believe it really needs to be or I’ll pick color that seem to work best so I am able to say what I’m wanting to say. More often than not I spend more time paying attention to what’s on the canvas than I do to what ever it is I’m using for a guide. (A lot of  fun can be had by recording a first impression on to the canvas then turning 180 degrees to finish a painting.)


But when I get stuck and I’m having a hard time deciding what I need to do next I go back to my subject for clues. And I always seem to find what’s right. Something will tell me what I’ve got to do to move on. And as soon as I  get going again I’ll go back to doing it my way.

#5I love it!!



8 Responses to “So Much Fun”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Congratulatons, I love the brushwork on the standards following the contour of the petals. Less than a month and there should be live subjects in many varieties. A touch of yellow is great this grey morning. Vicki

  2. Lovely Eldon. It is always so nice to see your work and your vision.


  3. Hi Vicki, please keep me posted on the state of the garden. And I,m looking forward to painting with you again. We have fun huh?

  4. Hi Peg, you are too kind. Glad you like my stuff though. It has brought us a lot of memories. Are ya looking forward to this summer?

  5. Woohoo….the last three posts prove you are officially on a role!! Awesome stuff!!! I get to be jealous now!! And by the way if I haven’t told ya lately….you are one of my favorite painters!

  6. Hi Eldon,

    I second Theresa’s comment. You are on a roll. And you are one of my favorite painters too. Ouch, ouch ouch. Watch out you’re on fire man!

    Take care,


  7. Doing great – love the newest. You have the eye, but you know that I know that!
    Love you

  8. Trixie my friend, You have always been an unwavering support. You’ve no idea how much that has meant over the last 20 or so years. I’m glad you like this one as it’s one of my favorites. And it truely was a fun one to do.

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