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Poncha Springs

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This weeks post comes to you from beautiful down town Poncha Springs Colorado. Poncha Springs is a couple of miles up the highway from Salida. Debra and I made some late plans to get the heck out of Dodge for a couple of days and here we are!! Debra planned to hang out and read a book or work on her computer and I planned to do a little plein air work. Guess which one of us is coming closer to doing what they’d hoped. It’s cloudy, it’s raining, it’s cold! (well pretty cool) My friend Josh Been thinks the morning will bring us some sunshine so we’re going painting tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers please.

I had a short series on part of a painting I’m doing in the studio. I was going to post them this evening but the photos have disappeared from my camera so they and the post will have to wait for a while until we get back to my PC in the city. I’d love to put in some photos from today anyway so here are a few of them. No art tonight.


I snapped this one on our way into town this morning. I found myself wishing I’d brought a large canvas. It’s right on the highway, maybe it’s best to wait until I get back to Denver and work from the photograph.


This view is looking north across the valley.( I think, I lose my direction every time I come down here) We found views like this, one after another, every time we turned around. We were wondering what it would be like to live down here.


This little one was willing to hold still as long as we wanted her to. Debra got several shots of her and she was very patient as long as the camera was pointed in her direction. Her mother (I suppose) was just to the right sweeping the doorway to a store. What a cutie!


Another of the local folks. And yes, he did have one of those huge walrus mustaches. White. He and who I thought to be his wife were having lunch in this little deli. There’s an odd contrast between this old fashioned kind of guy and the reflection in the window of a new automobile.


Debra gravitates to subjects with a pattern when she’s running the camera. I even like the way these kayaks are lined up down the wall. I think the photo needs to be cropped a little.
She doesn’t.

So… In the morning Josh and I will give some out door work a shot. If anything decent shakes out maybe I’ll post it tomorrow night. All we need is a little dry weather and about 3 hours of sunshine. Hey! It could happen! ūüôā



River Water and Wild Onions

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Is this cool or what? The Mitchell Museum in Trinidad Colorado has invited me and several other artists to show some work at the museum during the month of June. I’ve gotten them seven paintings, some older, some new. All are from S.E. Colorado and range from 10×20 inches¬†to 30×40. Some of them folks have seen, some are still wet. I thought I’d post em in here for everybody to see.

10x20 oil on canvas

Title: Sunrise at Willards Place

The painting above is a 10×20 and stems from the paint trip I took last summer with Doug Holdread¬†and several other artists at the Louden Ranch.¬† Take a look at Doug’s site, you’ll see a lot of really nice work in there.

10x20 oil on canvas


Another 10×20. This painting was totally fun to do. (a little nerve racking but fun) The reference material has been laying around here for quite a while. I guess I just had to have a reason to git er done. A special¬†occasion I guess.

16x20 oil on canvas

Title: Willard’s Windmill

And this is Willard Loudens wind mill. It’s one of the first things you see when you drive into the bottom of the canyon where Lone Oak Post Office is. If you were to walk up to the windmill from this view and hooked a hard left you’d be looking right at the view of¬† “Sunrise At Willards Place” two paintings up.

18x24 oil on canvas

Title: Road to Lone Oak

Above is the road into Lone Oak. Who are those guys anyway?¬† There was this couple who hiked out of the canyon and camped on the ridge. Friends of mine. ūüôā

18x24 oil on canvas

Title: Nuther Storm Brewin

This old snowy road is from the Red Canyon area. I’d guess it’s about 40 miles north east¬†of Willards place. I haven’t been to this area for many years and I remember it as being one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. A lady owned the ranch then. Her name was Dourety. (No doubt I butchered that spelling, sorry) She was nice enough to let us run around her place a little bit. I’ll bet it’s been thirty years. Most beautiful.

24x36 oil on canvas

Title: Mesa De Maya

This painting above most of you have seen. It was the do-over from an older post.¬† I snapped the reference photo on my way¬† to Lone Oak one Sunday morning. This¬†stone structure¬†is my offering to the scene. The building doesn’t actually exist but you finds hundreds like it through out the area. These places were lived in and abandoned by tough,¬†hard working folks who found¬†it hard¬†to make a living.

A little story:        My father in law many many many years ago had a little homestead east of La Junta Co. He said one day a young fella came walking by his place who lived out in this area. He asked the guy what they ate out there. River water and wild onions. I aint that tough.

30x40 oil on canvas

Title: Down Higbee Road

Another most of you have seen. Higbee Road is About 20 miles south of LaJunta and runs for a ways along the Purgatory River. I had a little bit of a problem with the composition in this one. The critique indicated the house was far to much to the left to be the center of interest (was true). While the piece was well painted I was to move the house to the right. Uh huh….Like they said, it was well done, I wasn’t about to repaint that old house so I gave the rancher a new silo. It improved the composition of the piece, pulled the viewers eye back to the right¬†and added to the value of the¬†property as well.¬†Three birds, one rock.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†ūüôā

So there ya have it. My offering to the Mitchell Museum. Wish us luck.

If anyone wishes to see a price list there’s one in “links” top right. When you hover your cursor over an image the size will come up. Just compare that size to the same size on the list.

Until next Saturday!!


In Honor of Spring

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8x10 oil on canvas

Or……”It’s about daggone time!”

I’m painting for two shows right now. One show will hang at the Mitchell Museum in Trinidad Co. and the other show will hang at The Squash Blossom gallery in Colorado Springs. One opens june 4th, the other June 5th. I’m busier than the proverbial One Legged Man. So… I’ve gone into my archives and will post some special paintings to celebrate the arrival of spring.

10x20 oil on canvas

10x20 oil on canvas

16x20 oil on canvas

I’ll post photos next week of some of the pieces I’ve done for the upcoming shows. There are some plain ole photos and there are some step by step stuff too. I think you’ll enjoy seeing what’s been coming from the muse.

So, I’ll get back to work and here’s wishing every one a great week. Sorry this post is so short.¬†¬† ūüôā


Potato Rock

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18x24 oil on canvas  #1

Never mind that green tint under my drawing. That’s what’s left of something¬†that seemed like a good idea at the time¬†and then begged to be wiped off. It was OK with me so off it went. (Wiped off very thin then rubbed with thinner until all I had left was a little color.) Waste not want not right? Any way it’s dry now and I can paint this new one over top.

16x20 #2

There’s a rock just above center and just right of the big bush in this composition. I had no problem with the placement but I¬†was having trouble¬†making it¬† look like a rock. I didn’t take any pictures of it while ¬†in process but believe me it was ugly. I painted and wiped and painted and wiped until I was tired of goofin with it.¬†

16x20 #4

Then!!¬† Lo and behold a rock.¬†¬†¬† And¬†“IT” didn’t come all that easy either. I continued to work on it right up to the time¬†the painting ¬†finished. I decided this big ole rock,¬† was going to look like a rock if it killed me. It doesn’t look like the rock I started painting but it’s a rock. I like this one better any way, the first one looked like a potato.



And some how in the end it came out and I quit frettin about it.

18x24 #6

Now I’m wondering if I should put back that figure I had standing on Potato Rock from back in step #2. It’s always nice, as my friend Rob puts ¬†it, to have that human element in a painting. On the other hand, if the dude doesn’t go back in, we’ll probably think less about plastic bottles, blue Wal Mart bags, foot prints, candy wrappers, traffic noise, smog, plein air painters and other riff raff and……on and on. Maybe he stays out this time. Whadda ya think?