Potato Rock

18x24 oil on canvas  #1

Never mind that green tint under my drawing. That’s what’s left of something that seemed like a good idea at the time and then begged to be wiped off. It was OK with me so off it went. (Wiped off very thin then rubbed with thinner until all I had left was a little color.) Waste not want not right? Any way it’s dry now and I can paint this new one over top.

16x20 #2

There’s a rock just above center and just right of the big bush in this composition. I had no problem with the placement but I was having trouble making it  look like a rock. I didn’t take any pictures of it while  in process but believe me it was ugly. I painted and wiped and painted and wiped until I was tired of goofin with it. 

16x20 #4

Then!!  Lo and behold a rock.    And “IT” didn’t come all that easy either. I continued to work on it right up to the time the painting  finished. I decided this big ole rock,  was going to look like a rock if it killed me. It doesn’t look like the rock I started painting but it’s a rock. I like this one better any way, the first one looked like a potato.



And some how in the end it came out and I quit frettin about it.

18x24 #6

Now I’m wondering if I should put back that figure I had standing on Potato Rock from back in step #2. It’s always nice, as my friend Rob puts  it, to have that human element in a painting. On the other hand, if the dude doesn’t go back in, we’ll probably think less about plastic bottles, blue Wal Mart bags, foot prints, candy wrappers, traffic noise, smog, plein air painters and other riff raff and……on and on. Maybe he stays out this time. Whadda ya think?



14 Responses to “Potato Rock”

  1. You crack me up. I think either way it’s okay! Beautiful painting. I would
    love to be in that picture today. Although it’s really gorgeous here. All the trees are a soft green and the flowering trees are all coming out. It’s like Christmas
    only 1,000 times prettier.

    Super work.

    Take care,


  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    Leave the rock available for any one in need of just going to a pretty place “to sit on a rock”. This statement is kind of a family code to say spending some time out in nature is the only solution to the stress levels. I agree with Barbara about spring but it’s way too wet and cold this a.m.
    The negative painting on the grass edges you left from the beginning were a great lesson for me. It will really help. Thanks for the examples!

  3. Trixie Says:

    I like it just as a rock waiting for someone to sit on it. It is inviting that way.

  4. Man..Eldon that’s a beauty…gorgeous brushwork and greens….the figure…I don’t know…either way…or an animal or bird?? What ever you do….it is really stunning right now…! Wow…keep’em coming!

  5. Hi Barbara, Wow! The trees are already greening up? Ours too but we’re way south of you. I’d have thought we’d be way ahead of you guys. You’re right tho, I love it when the trees get that first hint of green in them. It’s a signal telling me there’s another summer just around the corner.

  6. You’re totally right Vicki, and when I’m out into the wild places, (and some of the not so wild places) I’m most happy. I get lost in the day and what ever stresses me goes away and I don’t have to deal with it until some othe time. I’m glad, too, you liked the painting and the grass edges. My pleasure.

  7. Trixie my friend!! I concure. We’ll leave this painting untouched by humans and let the viewer decide if he/she would like to take time out and let the world and the stream just go right on by.

    Oh, please tell John I have some aluminum for him. It’s flat bar 1/8×1. If he can use it let me know.
    Miss ya !

  8. Hi Theresa, glad ya like this one. I think I’ll take everyones advise and leave the dude out. But I do like the idea of some birds. Maybe two or three of them somewhere upper rightish. Thanks for a great idea.

  9. Clay Hinman Says:

    Your question is a viable one. The folks here have something a lot of folks don’t. They have an imagination gene. It is that ineffable ability to look at a painting and go there. Much of your viewing audience require more prompting… If you don’t put the figure in, they don’t seem to have the ability or inclination to transport themselves there. I’ll go with Barbara on the first post. Either way its okay.

    You left the figure out, stating that it reminded you of plastic bottles, Wallyworld bags, and other incursions of man. Everyone who puts brush to canvas knows that while you always leave room for improving your results in subsequent works, if you can’t please yourself… you don’t feel very good about putting it out there for other folks to view it.

    Its your work and this time, you opted to omit Mr. Stands-Within. It works for me in that I know that you were there.

  10. Love seeing how you get from your underpaintings to a finish as beautiful as this one.
    The colors and brushwork on the trees is so well seen and done.
    I’d say go with it as it is.

  11. Thanks Bonnie, I think you all are right. I will leave the guy out. Seems more peaceful or something. Theresa suggested a bird or two. I like that idea. Maybe I’ll go with that.

  12. sharon archey Says:

    Eldon, I have been getting these too. I really liked it. About the gut leave him out. You had to look close to see him anyway. ,Love Ya, Donna

  13. Hi Donna, I’m with ya on leaving the guy out. Most who responded agree.
    Most of my paintings get something other than just plain landscape and I ended up putting in some birds. It works.
    Love ya,

  14. Clay, I had answered your response earlier and some how it got off into La la land. I hate it when that happens. 🙂 Any way Mr Stands Within has been left to stand some where else. He’ll just have to dispose of his wal mart bag properly I guess. Couldn’t let it totally alone tho, I put in some birds.

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