In Honor of Spring

8x10 oil on canvas

Or……”It’s about daggone time!”

I’m painting for two shows right now. One show will hang at the Mitchell Museum in Trinidad Co. and the other show will hang at The Squash Blossom gallery in Colorado Springs. One opens june 4th, the other June 5th. I’m busier than the proverbial One Legged Man. So… I’ve gone into my archives and will post some special paintings to celebrate the arrival of spring.

10x20 oil on canvas

10x20 oil on canvas

16x20 oil on canvas

I’ll post photos next week of some of the pieces I’ve done for the upcoming shows. There are some plain ole photos and there are some step by step stuff too. I think you’ll enjoy seeing what’s been coming from the muse.

So, I’ll get back to work and here’s wishing every one a great week. Sorry this post is so short.   🙂



6 Responses to “In Honor of Spring”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    I like the daylily piece…especially the hints of purple! Seriously, the variety of colors that create the dimension is fun. Don’t work too hard because the poppies are coming and they are always magic. Vicki

  2. Hi Eldon,

    I am just dazzled by this work. How lovely. Good for you painting
    like crazy. You are such an exceptional painter.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Vicki, I put this one in knowing you would like it. It’s a plein air piece I did a few years ago for a competition in Manitou Springs. It’s part of my private little collection. Looking forward to poppies. Keep me posted.

  4. Hi Barbara, support like I have from you doesn’t come along every day. Thanks for that. I’m encouraged by you every step of the way and I truely appreciate it. When I’m lagging it gets me going again and when I’m going it makes me work harder.

  5. Oh Eldon I love that rose but you know I have a passion for them anyway. When is the Plein Aire Art stuff in Estes Park this year? Made any plans for it yet?


  6. Lora Jones Says:

    I left you like a really long comment for your birthday, and it isn’t here. Just wondering what might have happened…anyhoo, Happy Belated Birthday, in case something went wrong, and it didn’t show. Love you lots and lots>>>Your Niece. ❤ @)~~~~~ + ~~v~~

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