Poncha Springs

This weeks post comes to you from beautiful down town Poncha Springs Colorado. Poncha Springs is a couple of miles up the highway from Salida. Debra and I made some late plans to get the heck out of Dodge for a couple of days and here we are!! Debra planned to hang out and read a book or work on her computer and I planned to do a little plein air work. Guess which one of us is coming closer to doing what they’d hoped. It’s cloudy, it’s raining, it’s cold! (well pretty cool) My friend Josh Been thinks the morning will bring us some sunshine so we’re going painting tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers please.

I had a short series on part of a painting I’m doing in the studio. I was going to post them this evening but the photos have disappeared from my camera so they and the post will have to wait for a while until we get back to my PC in the city. I’d love to put in some photos from today anyway so here are a few of them. No art tonight.


I snapped this one on our way into town this morning. I found myself wishing I’d brought a large canvas. It’s right on the highway, maybe it’s best to wait until I get back to Denver and work from the photograph.


This view is looking north across the valley.( I think, I lose my direction every time I come down here) We found views like this, one after another, every time we turned around. We were wondering what it would be like to live down here.


This little one was willing to hold still as long as we wanted her to. Debra got several shots of her and she was very patient as long as the camera was pointed in her direction. Her mother (I suppose) was just to the right sweeping the doorway to a store. What a cutie!


Another of the local folks. And yes, he did have one of those huge walrus mustaches. White. He and who I thought to be his wife were having lunch in this little deli. There’s an odd contrast between this old fashioned kind of guy and the reflection in the window of a new automobile.


Debra gravitates to subjects with a pattern when she’s running the camera. I even like the way these kayaks are lined up down the wall. I think the photo needs to be cropped a little.
She doesn’t.

So… In the morning Josh and I will give some out door work a shot. If anything decent shakes out maybe I’ll post it tomorrow night. All we need is a little dry weather and about 3 hours of sunshine. Hey! It could happen! 🙂



5 Responses to “Poncha Springs”

  1. Hi Eldon, I’ve just come upon your site via Barbara Muir’s and I wanted to tell you I find your work extremely beautifu! AND you are a Coloradoan! I graduated from CU and was a long time Boulder resident until moving to Paris a number of years back in order to follow my heart and pursue my art! And it’s just plain wonderful to see such sumptuous renditions of places I know from Colorado in your art. I love your painting style and the instructional pieces you’ve added in the blog and I am looking forward to having the time to peruse it with a good cup of coffee in hand and soak it all in. I am a blog neophyte, just having started one myself but it’s a whole lot of fun. I’ve added a link to your’s so I can follow it regularly. Hope that’s OK with you (I’m not really sure of what the whole adding link ettiquette thing might be yet…!) Many thanks for your work and wishing you much continued success and happiness, Aliaena

  2. Ah the road photo. I love that one and can almost see your brush strokes on this one, Eldon. What a pretty area to be in. Great to get to paint with Josh. What fun you will have. Here’s hoping for a bit of sun and time to paint ‘plein aire’. Please say hello to him and Hi, Debra (who always takes good pictures; she has a great eye too!)


  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    I hope you were blessed with sun. We had a soaking rain yesterday and you would sink in the backyard this morning. It does look peaceful down there so get a great rest. “Monet” has a great variety to choose from. Vicki

  4. Hi Eldon,

    What beautiful views. I love seeing photos of where you are. I’m sorry it
    wasn’t warm enough, or dry enough for painting, and I’m wishing you
    the best of weather today. It’s funny thinking of that guy in the café with
    the hat and mustache and the row of bright kayaks outside. Now there’s a contrast.

    Take care, and I hope the two of you enjoy the rest of your stay.


  5. I saw some of the same scenery last weekend. My husband rode in the Buena Vista Century (100 mile bike race). Too bad it was not a painting weekend for me.
    Hope you and Josh found some sun.
    I was at the Taste of Creede and we dodged rain all weekend – but it was SO beautiful and fun. I am grateful it wasn’t snowing.
    – C

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