“Sunset On Fall River”


22x28 oil on canvas22×30 oil Rocky Mtn. Natl. Park

    This is all I have for the post this week but this link —–> “Sunset On Fall River”  will get you to the progression for the painting above . The progression is on U-Tube.  There is no narration, only a bit of Vivaldi covering about 15 images. The video is just over a minute.

“Sunset On Fall River” is part of the show I just took to The Squash Blossom in Colorado Springs. Anyone wishing to inquire about this painting can contact the gallery through the link or contact me through my blog.

Debra is responsible for what you’re about to see. She’s the brains of this outfit. Thanks Debra. 🙂



8 Responses to ““Sunset On Fall River””

  1. HI Eldon,

    Give Debra my compliments, and Hey if the two of you are ever in Toronto, I need her. That was just lovely watching your gorgeous painting coming together. Yahoo! You are soooo good.

    Take care,


  2. The painting is lovely. I can almost feel the cold water on my bare feet! Congratulations!

  3. Great job Debra and Eldon. The music with the painting progression really works. John and I are looking forward to seeing you on the 26th at Stoneheart.

  4. this painting is lovely, Eldon. I see the water move and that is a great thing. thanks also for the Utube progression done by Debra. I love the way you can put things together to make such a spectacular presentation, Debra. It just highlights the marvelous work Eldon does. Wonderful, my friend.


  5. Hi Barbara, Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Debra says if you really do need some help she has a trade in mind. Let us know. 🙂

  6. Hello Elizabeth, Welcome to the Saturday Night Blog. I guess if the water feels very cold I’ve succeeded in portraying that element. Thanks for the comment. Please come see us again. If you’d like I can put you in the email list.
    Take care,

  7. Hi Cynthia, Aint that Debra somethin? When it comes to this computer she truely is my brain. I’m learning more all the time but it’s going to take a long time. See ya the 26th.

  8. Hi Peg, how ya doin? Quite a presentation I thought. My not being able to locate the camera in the same place for each photo makes for some blur but Debra improved it and made it presentable. Took her about 45 minutes. I’m impressed.

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