The Clean Studio Blues


Today was spent working at home. We tore out carpet, ripped up the vinyl in the kitchen and we cleaned my studio.

I, however, am having a hard time dealing with the studio. I liked my clutter. It made me feel cozy and safe somehow and now it seems my personality is at stake. Maybe I threw it out with the rest of the junk (it wasn’t all junk) and the personality is already gone. I threw out lists I’d made years ago. Lists of things I was gonna do and never got around to. Still they were my lists and as long as they stacked up on my desk there was still possibilities.

30x40 oil trees step one

I pitched art magazines I’d never gotten around to reading and I know darn well some of them were collectors items. I miss, too, all those worn out brushes that would have made at least one more perfect stoke on perhaps my next master piece. Or the next.

30x40 oil trees step two

I don’t have a single painting leaning against a wall, or my desk, or my easel and all my extra frames are put up nice and neat. (they are against the wall) I hope like heck I can find one I need when I need it. 

30x40 oil trees step four

The place is akin to a hospital room. I swear now and then I smell antiseptic. I’ve heard the distant soft “ding” of an elevator.

Perhaps it’s the wine. But I deserve a nice glass of wine or two after all the hard labor that took place around here today don’t I? Don’t I get to relax and take it easy for a little while? 

30x40 oil on canvas

And maybe I’ll need a third before this studio starts looking friendly again.

Oh well, hope you enjoy this short progression on painting pine trees. This painting went to the Squash Blossom in Colorado Springs. It’s titled              “The Center of the Universe”.

I’m gonna hit the rack. Ahm tard.



15 Responses to “The Clean Studio Blues”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Eldon, You are a brave soul! The studio is now open for new possibilities. We’ll learn from your adjustment process and maybe just maybe find the same courage. Here’s to new beginnings if you have a little of the wine left and thanks for the progression too. Vicki

  2. Mornin Vicki! I thought you guys were off to New Mexico. Anyway, good to here from ya. There is a little whine, excuse me, wine left. I guess I should shut up and see how the place feels when I’m painting. I did get some carpet out of the deal tho. NowI can pace in comfort.

  3. Hi Eldon,

    Goodness, would I recognize your home now or studio downstairs? I loved the clutter of your painting studio but you can re do it at whim and just the way you want it. The painting you put in squash blossom is lovely and the title is apt. I so enjoy your work. What fun you and Debra will have redoing the home. Love it. I will be in my new home on July 6th. I am just about ready to go and look forward to the changes it will bring.


  4. Hey El
    Friday night is the Anniversary party at Stoneheart. Hope you take a break from cleaning and make it out. I thought I was the center of the universe…thanks for the reality check 😉

  5. Hi Eldon, I can relate to your uncluttered sadness. My problem is that I feel torn between both the tidy and cluttered decorating schemes… On one hand I love the feeling of everything looking quite clean and tidy. But.. when it looks so clean and tidy I can’t find anything and I can’t remember where I stuck it so I spend ALL day looking for everything- it’s a paradox! Lol Sue

  6. Hi Eldon,

    I move the stack of paintings around until they either sell, or I paint over them.
    They go in and out of the studio, up to a spare bedroom, back down to the
    studio if someone needs the room, but I admit that when I do clean up, I like
    the effect. Clutter grows quickly — a few more days and the studio will be right
    back to normal. I love the painting and the progression.

    Take care,


  7. Hi Eldon,
    I recently cleaned AND re-vamped my studio. I had no qualms about it.
    It’s now the flip-side on my home, which is intolerably cluttered. With a plumbing project ongoing in the kitchen the chaos is on an Olympic scale. (I don’t like plumbing jobs that well.) I wouldn’t have anyone over just now, not even my sometimes business partner, and he works on foreclosed homes sometimes.

    If I need a place for order I have seemed to take my studio on as a holy place. A refuge from myself and my foolish, over-arching domestic ventures. There may be dust where the artwork happens, but there are less things going on for sure…and I hope to keep it that way.

  8. Hello everyone,

    Before I answer comments this week I’d just like to opologize for my lack of diligence in getting in here and checking things out. On the bright side tho the floor upstairs is nearly ready for it’s new covering and it will be installed Saturday. There have been some awfully long days recently and my clean studio is still waiting for me to get back and get to work. My paint has dried out. Sad indeed. 🙂

  9. Hi Peggy, come to think of it you are one of the few who has ever been down here to the studio dungeon. You would have a hard time recognizing it I’m sure. But hey! A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do and to tell the truth I’m gettin used to it.

  10. Hey Mark! No doubt you are the center of someones universe. Heck, I like ya!! And thanks for the reminder, We’ll be there. 🙂

  11. Hi Sue, You’re right! And since I can’t have it both ways I’ll just have to deal until it gets back to normal. Clean has it’s upside I guess. I don’t trip and fall down so much. 🙂

  12. Hi Barbara, yep! Clutter grows quickly. It won’t be long now. 🙂 Actually the change isn’t so bad. Debra likes it. And I got a nice big piece of the carpet from upstairs to boot. Still, even cleaned up, it aint nothin to write home about.

  13. Hello Andrew, Welcome! Aint it the truth. And sometimes the clutter has just got to go no matter how attached one becomes. The clean look is growing on me but like Barbara says “clutter grows quickly”. The rest of the house is tumble down messy right now getting ready for a new floor covering so in a way I’m happy to get away from it for a little while and come down here. Stay in touch OK? New faces on this old blog are totally welcome.

  14. Vicki Barton Says:

    Have you test drove the studio space yet? How was the Evergreen opening?
    We are settling back in after Taos and have been up to Estes and Golden Gate. The gardens are a “swamp” but those flowers that survive are destined to be giants. Tons of miniature ideas and maybe just maybe some plein air time. V

  15. Hi Vicki, no I haven’t. House work ya know. This makes way too long since I’ve put brush to canvas. Oh well, it’s got to be done. The place won’t show well when we put it on the market if we don’t do a little somethin to it.
    What’s growin in the garden this month. Sounds like it is still pretty beautiful.

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