It aint over till it’s over…

and it looks like it’s not gonna be over till Monday. As much as we’d have liked to see it finished today there’s more than a days work here. Oh well!  Monday’s good too!

This morning

But! I’m thinkin the condition of my house isn’t all that exciting so this one photo is all I’m puttin in for right now. Maybe I’ll do a “finished, thank God!” picture later but for this post I have a way old progression of a way sold and gone 30×40 landscape. One of my favorites.

30x40 oil

This was done with a burnt sienna under painting and drawing before “Eldon Orange” <—- (So named by my friend Dawn.) came into the picture. Burnt Sienna works just as well. The stuff that shows through in the finished piece is nice and warm just not as bright as the orange.

30x40 oil

The palette was probably the same but there may have been, from the looks of the piece, some Alizarin Crimson on there as well. For those following who don’t know my palette, here tis. Titanium White, Cad Yellow Pale, Cad Orange, Bright Red, UltraMarine Blue and Sap Green. Visitors to my palette are Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre Pale and Alizarin Crimson. Once in a great while, Cad Red.

30x40 oil

The Cad Orange is a great color to neutralize a green. I use the Sap Green way too much and I also mix a green with the blue and yellow. The orange puts the green nicely into a neutral position. A touch of Bright Red works great too and gives a little warmer green.

30x40 oil

Green! Ewwww! There was a time I actually nearly hated green. It’s hard! I struggled with it every time I put a brush in it. I’d avoid it as much as possible and it avoided me. Me and green didn’t ride in the same car.

30x40 oil

Then one day I’m riding along. I’m rubber neckin and looking at all those different shades of green and, thanks to who knows what,  noticed their differences. I’m thinking,…..that’s a yellow green, …..that’s a red green, …..there’s a silver green and a blue green….so on and so on. I made it a habit and after a while I could identify a green and mix a reasonable representation of what I was seeing out in front of me. Finally green and I had come to terms. I know now what a cool green is and what it takes to mix a warm green but until I finally opened my eyes and looked it was chaos!!! Now I boss the green around!!!

Who wants to see a post with a bunch of green paint mixed warm and cool? I think I’m running the progression thing into the ground anyway and maybe it’d be good to change directions with the blog for a while. Let me know.  🙂



10 Responses to “It aint over till it’s over…”

  1. eldon warren Says:

    This is a test!! oldspin is Eldon. Someone tried to leave a message and was directly booted. Just want to see what’s goin on. If anyone has a similar problem please let me know.

  2. Rick Frisbie Says:

    Hi Eldon, Sure, I’d like to see your greens. But I also enjoy your progressions. I’ve just left Manitou plein air event. Heading back to Kansas Tuesday. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Hey Rick!! Manitou as in manitou springs? Wow! Didn’t know you were that close. Ya shoulda given me a hollar. How did ya do? Who put it on?

    I’m glad you like this ole blog. Sometimes I think it gets a bit stale so I thought maybe I’d put up something different. The progressions won’t go away tho. I have fun doing them.

  4. Rick,
    Well maybe I’ll do the greens and see what shakes out. Probably we’ll do a video and link to it from the blog. The greens can chase ya for sure. The human eye, I’m told, can see more shades of green than any other color. Now that’s a lotta green!

  5. Hi Eldon,

    Beautiful painting. I think you caught “Eldon orange” from yours truly, and I caught it from? I don’t remember. I used to use burnt sienna or rust, and one day mixed things differently did orange — like you, and really liked how it looked with certain skin tones. Looks great under your landscapes. I also like “Eldon red, when you draw your painting with red.” Here’s the thing, I haven’t seen one painting you’ve created that I didn’t like.

    Take care,


  6. Vicki Barton Says:

    The blog reply seems to be working now. I may have been too close to the original post. You and Deb are working way too hard! The progressions are always interesting. The growth of a painting is amazing. Vicki

  7. ivan karl Says:

    I’m pretty new to your site, but would love to see your green progressions, and probably others.

    Love your work and your blogging honesty.


  8. Hi Ivan, and welcome to my art blog. I’ll get that green demo done once I finish the commission. I think I’ll make it a video and post a link to You –
    Tube. I’ve a couple of other things on You-Tube already. If you’re interested I’ll send ya a link.

  9. Eldon…I really enjoyed your painting demo here. I’m readying some canvases or boards today and will try using “Eldon Orange”. I’ve been using Indigo and also a dark crimsonish brown as my ground but orange may be my new thing. A friend of mine is having difficulty transitioning from watercolor to oil. I’m going to send her this blog and demo. I think it will assist her. Glad to see you’re painting as fantastically as always. Will miss being in Estes Park this year. I had a hip replacement at the end of March. Maybe next year…..Love getting your blog and keeping in touch with you and other artist friends I met in Estes.

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