Gettin Back on Track


There was a plein air competition in Salida this last Oct.  Debra and I went down to spend a couple of days, do a little painting and have a mini vacation. Well, as luck would have it we had to come home early because of a sick family member so we never had the opportunity to get much work done. (or do any relaxing) I was there long enough to snap this photograph though and do a small painting of the scene. I think I may have posted the plein air piece back in October.

plein air 12x16

That storm was making straight for me really really fast so the painting took shape very quickly, maybe a 45 minutes or so. It was extremely pleasing to see it turn out with that sort of time limit. I shelved it when I got home and just yesterday pulled it out to see what I might be able to do with it now. It has grown to two paintings since.


It is now an 18×24. I think it’s finished but if not it’s way close.

It is my first painting in about a month. The house took up so much time. I was about ready to go nuts not being able to get down here and get some work done. (I did get the studio cleaned up tho and it’s still in good shape, who’d have thunk it?) There needed to be a success with this one and it looks like I got one. There’s nothin like gettin back on track.

Tomorrow I’m making a trip to Trinidad to pick up paintings, visit with my friend Doug Holdread and do a little painting.  I know it’s going to be a long day so I’ve got to finish getting ready and getting some rest too.  6 a.m. comes mighty early. So friends, I’m going to publish and mail this weeks post then get on with it. 🙂

Till next Sat.



6 Responses to “Gettin Back on Track”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    This is beautiful. I like the deep, gorgeous blue with the light on the trees.

    You are really a amazing painter.

    Take care,


  2. Hi Barbara, I thought if anyone would appreciate the color in this one it would be you. After a visit from you I actually believe I am a painter.


  3. Hi Eldon, great handling of the bright/dark light that advances before storms. It’s so contradictory.
    You really got it in the brightness of the sky and that light green tree accent on the left.

    Now what to do with that clean studio? Start collecting all over again.
    It’s good to purge, even though we get nostalgic for stuff we think we might need one day and don’t really until we throw it out!

  4. Thanks Bonnie, I always love it when a big dark storm passes and the sun comes out. The contrasts are incredible. A street scape with all the signs lit up is the way I like to see it best.

  5. Hey, Uncle Eldon…this is SOOOO amazing!!! Does she have a title and/or an owner, yet? If not, how much you want for it?? Name yer price…don’t be shy.

    • Hi Lora, Good to hear from ya. I guess price depends on which painting. The top image is a 12×16 and the remake of it is 18×24. There’s a price list in my blog that is in the upper right with the other links. Click on “Prices”.Let me know what ya think.

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